Sunday, October 25, 2009

In a new place ... again...

Okay, going to give it another go, but over here in a place more about crafting, and less about complaining...

Untill I can figure out how to automatically get things transfered over to the new place, or automatically re-direct, this post is the best I can do.

See you there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 112 (yup, i'm getting lazy)

Okay, So Since day 101 I haven't exactly been keeping up, but then again the blog was titled 101 days - so I don't feel so guilty!

That being said, I think I'll change the name to 101+some days of nothing. Either that, or I've been contemplating changing my blog to a "mostly" craft blog and changing its name to "The Curious Crafter" this is the name i go by on twitter and Etsy and think if I was to start selling any of my creations I'd go by this name. Although I need to put some more thoughts against that before I make the actual change.

So what's happened since the 19th. Not much, back to work. Ho hum. Last week was not a great week, Aaron didn't leave any lists/ notes/ updates from when I was off, and he was gone all week on Jury Duty. Several big things came up and Kim and I struggled to deal with them and get things done. It was frustrating. I had my second appointment with Shirin and i'm very happy with the way things are going, Wednesday was a frustrating day and I walked out of her office a few hours later, feeling like things were going to be better in the future.

Knit group on Thursday - they changed the seating areas in the Timothys it was weird, but they have these benches now and I think as long as someone is there early we might be in a better spot to get more people sitting together. Friday I veg'd out alone since Paul went for dinner in KW with the crew. I was going to do some sewing, but I just watched TV and chatted with Chrissy instead.

Saturday was Stacey & Nick's wedding and what a beautiful day it was. Great weather, great ceremony, good food - and they looked so happy.

Sunday we did nothing - cleaned up and did some grocery shopping. Nice weekend. And very much looking forward to this weekend, so we can do a bit of nothing again. I totally am living for the weekends. That and another week off. Only 62 days till Vegas!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day One Hundred & two & three

Clearly, this blogging thing does not get better with

And clearly day 101 wasn't good enough for 2 posts.

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow I go back to work after my week away, i'm not looking forward to it at all.

I did have a decent vacation though.
- first driving lesson
- sleeping
- sewing
- reading
- shopping
- more sleeping
- taxes done
- more shopping
- first career session
- finished book club book, and had our first mtg.

although still not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Okay, several failed attempts at actually blogging everyday, but I'm still pretty proud. Through this whole thing, i've started reading a ton of blogs, my favourties are at the side, and its made me think - what makes a good blog?

I know i'm not there yet - but one day I hope to be.

If you've been following me over the last 101 days, THANK YOU, for sticking around and listening to me vent, thats really what this blog has been for. But you might start to see some things change around here. First of all - I might not post every day. But i'm going to at least post once a week - and hopefully more uplifting. It will probably be craft focused, but there will still be a bit of my everyday life in there - cause to me its still interesting.

Today i'm on a schedule, I have a lot to do, a house to clean from top to bottom. So i'm going to go and get on with things, but i'll be back later today. Day 101 deseres at least 2 posts I think!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Ninety Nine & One Hundred!

Wholy Crap.

I know I have been a bad blogger this week. I'm on holidays have all this time on my hand, and I can't even bother to right a decent post! I've even had some decently excting things to chat about and I haven't.

And now tomorrow is day 101!!! oh wow.

Okay, well i need to do some reading and get to bed, cause even though tomorrow is my last day off, i have a meeting - i'll explain later (no its not a job interview). But i will do a big(ish) post tomorrow, and update some pics from my visit with manda and the kiddies, and my sewing project this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Ninety Eight

On Vacation.

monday - stayed in pj's all day, did nothing
tuesday (today) - stayed in pj's till noon, got ready, went to mall, shopped all afternoon, dinner at papa's/ aunt wendy's did taxes (getting enough for half of trip back) watching project runway and going to bed.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Ninety Five, Six & Seven

I'm on holidays. Yippee.

I haven't updated in a few days. Saturday we were in Ripley for Easter at pauls mom's we had a good time and lots of good food.

Yesterday we stopped into Guelph to see the Amanda, Miguel and the kiddies, good visit. Came home made dinner, and noticed a "dripping" sound, to discover that our "roof" was leaking, except there is an apartment above us. They weren't home, and we called Richard aka our landlord, he zipped over right away. I ran upstairs, and you could hear water running, it was crazy. Turns out there garbage disposal jammed and plugged the sink, it had been overflowing all weekend! There whole kitchen was flooded, which then started coming through to our hallway.

Lucky we dont have much damage, and I think most of upstairs was repairable, but it kept us busy for a few hours yesterday.

Today i sat around and played this computer game mom gave me basically all, good waste of time. i think now i'm going to read for a bit and head to bed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day Ninety Three & Four

Okay, again another missed day. But guess what i'm on holidays WOO HOO!

A whole 10 days away from work! Yesterday, I worked till 6:30ish, went to the mall (bought nothing, just wandered) went home, surfed the web, tried to think of something quick to sew, started sewing and stopped when I realized it was 9. Started/finished making a ton of mini cupcakes with homemade icing, cleaned the kitchen and it was time for bed.

Today we got up by 8:30 and got ready, and drove here to London to mom and dad's had a good dinner with everyone and driving to ripley to do it all over again tomorrow with other family.

Home sunday, and sleeping for the week. Ya right, i'd like to but i have a lot on my "want-to-acomplish list" we'll see how far i get.

For now i'm going - probably wont be here again tomorrow - but i'll be back sunday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Ninety One & Two

No big blog news, i'm sick again. Go figure. I came home from work early yesterday and was sick on the cab ride home - very gross. I was feeling much better today and worked till 7:30ish, paul had dinner ready when I got home - what a nice guy. But i've now been coughing up flem for about an hour - and its really starting to hurt. I had a very hot shower to try and loosen up stuff, but it didn't do much. I think its time for bed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day Ninety

Wow. Day Ninety. 11 Days till i've reached my "goal" i say that lightly, since i've clearly missed a few days here and there - however overall i've done good. (wow, who's from the country now?)

Today was decently productive. Work went fast, got several things crossed off my list. Stopped at the mall, and got a sweater to match my dress for the wedding - I gave up on the chance of knitting one in time - besides i think this one will work much better and it was only 20 bucks - can't beat a deal!

Came home, started dinner, cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of laundry, cleaned up from dinner, had a shower, put the clothes away. I'm going to blow dry my hair, and go to bed and read before calling it a night. Overall decent day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Eighty-Seven/Eight/Nine

Woah. yup i haven't posted since thursday.

Its been a bummy kinda weekend. Bad moods mixed in with trying to cheer both pauly and I up. But not much success.

We went out all day yesterday in search of new shoes for me - and more just to get out of the house, paul found shoes and a movie, and a video game. I bought nothing but groceries.

We went over to Terri & Shanye's last night though and took the wii - mostly so they could try out this adaptor thing they bought to turn their computer into a TV (it worked, but too small to actually play off of) but we had a good night of wii playing and stayed up way past our bedtime.

Today we did nothing but mope around the house, I attempted to start a shrug pattern for the wedding since my thursday plan was foiled. I got no where, which has just bummed me out more. And I remembered about an hour ago that I brought home some work to do - which I never did. Oh well, i'm not about to start now.

Good thing - 4 day week, followed by 10 days of no work. How much will I get accomplished in my time off - my guess is very little. But who knows. I have a whole book to read, a bag to sew, some stuff to knit, a house to clean.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Eighty-Six

Oh poop.

Had big plans this afternoon to knit myself a sweater for stacey & nicks wedding, had everything planned out. Then found out the yarn i have at home, isnt the right weight, and isn't even close to the right colour. poop. oh well i'm pretty sure i can't knit a sweater in less then 25 days anyways.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Eighty-Five

Only 6 More working days till my 10 days of nothing vacation! Although I do have lots of plans in the back my my head:

- Spring Cleaning the apartment and closets
- Knitting
- LOTS of sewing
- potentially looking for a new job (I say potentially, because with the way things are going I wonder if looking for anything right now is really worth it)
- Sleeping!
- Watching Daytime TV
- Cooking good dinners
- switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring one (I say this like I have a ton of clothes and space and room to have two wardrobes - I don't)
- Reading

That's my plan, 90% of it won't get done. And I'm fine with that. Its called a holiday for a reason. If all i do is sleep and hang out with myself, catch up on blogs and stalk people on facebook all day - I'll be fine.

I might even see if i can go and spend a day or two with Manda and the kiddies. Although a good week alone with no travelling might just do me some good. We'll see.

PS: Paul let me play video games for almost a full 2 hours tonight- this is what I'm trying to conquer - I suck at it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Eighty-Four

I got my hair cut today, it was time for an update - no more ponytail. Time for a spring look.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day Eighty-Two & Three

Okay, yesterday was a right-off. I did nothing but sleep and blow my nose, today has been slightly more productive.

Left work at 5:15 today cause I couldn't stand to blow my nose with yucky Kleenex any longer, and needed to come home to the better stuff! Made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, put in two loads of laundry, watched 1 episode of Little People big world, searched some knitting stuff, and now off to read in bed.

But needed to post first. Oh and also a picture of all my lovely swap goodies from Saturday:

Last minute knitted gifts - love this book, a ball of berroco sox metallic yarn in pink's and purples - i think these might become a pair of monkey socks. A ball of silky wool - that might just be paired with my other darker shade for some purple scarf. Popping Mini Eggs, some awesome fat quarters in Easter shades. Popsicle makers perfect for summer. And some amazing home made kettle corn which is almost gone now. Yep I was spoiled, and it was fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day Eighty-One

Busy Day, Great night with the knit girls - i was totally spoiled by Terri - and love everything.

But i'm seriously stuffed up (again!) and need kleenex and sleep. Will post more with pictures tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day Eighty

Quick post - only 20 minutes till mid-night. Very long (but very good day)

Dinner in Ancaster, and dessert at Jesse & Mel's - a very nice visit with good friends, and good food.

note to self - must have more nights like those more often.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Seventy-Nine

Today was a decent day, busy at work, got free shampoo.

Stopped at Chapters and picked up book for the book club (michelle is starting a book club - so exciting). It was a good night at knit night - we are getting to be a pretty big group - soon we might need to find a bigger space to meet at.

Then pauly picked me up (and andrea) and we went grocery shopping. Home now, going to finish the last few pages of my other book, and head to bed.

Tomorrow we are going out for dinner with Mel & Jesse & Friends, then back to their place for cake.

Should be good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Seventy-Eight

tired. my legs are hurting, and i'm just barely keeping my eyes open. i'm heading into bed (where i'm sure i'll find myself wide awake) but i need to at least try and sleep away the stress.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Seventy-Six & Seven

Yup, call me the un-motivated, un-inspired, non-productive bad blogger.

I missed another day. (yesterday to be exact) I worked late, ran home from the subway station to catch the season finale of Jon and Kate, ate dinner at quarter after 10 (way to late) and instantly fell asleep on the couch while Paul turned on and played more of his video game. (which I actually have to admit, has a bit of a story to it, and is mildly interesting - even to a non-videogamer)

Yesterday there was several things at work that made me really mad. And they carried over into today. Which is frustrating, cause it totally makes me un-motivated to work and the more I look at the things to get done, the more frustrated I get. And the more it builds the less I get done. A never ending cycle of doom.

In one of these moments of doom, I wrote out my "coles notes" version of "my life plan". It includes 5 categories with at least one thing to strive for. My categories included: Job/ Career, Health, Future/House, Money/Budgets, Overall Life. And here is what i'd like to do:

Job/Career - need a new one, one that I can be passionate about and enjoy getting up to go to

Health - to get better for good! Will mean changing my diet/ eating habits. Get outside more and Exercise.

Future/House - Find and buy a house with pauly (preferrably outside of this yucky city), get married (again preferrably to pauly), get a dog, have kids, learn to love my life the way it is, and love myself the way I am.

Money/ Budgets - SAVE, SAVE, SAVE for house, vacation in July, a future wedding?, loan payoffs, and nice stuff for future house

Overall Life - need to get MOTIVATED. Get out more, start doing things outside of my normal "routine", read more, knit more, sew more, cook more and cook better, keep the house clean, clear out old stuff that is "cluttering" our life.

I've listed it here so that perhaps it will force me to commit since im decarling it in front of others - how many who read it, who knows. But those are my basic "goals". I just need to get my act together, I can't blame anyone else (not that i've been trying too) but i'm the only one that can make these changes to my life and if I don't start now, its only going to get worse.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Seventy-Four & Five

Well my prediction was very wrong. But i'm coming to terms with it.

No Sewing. Not much of anything really. I think its safe to say that for the last few months i've been in a real funk. Lacking motivation of any kind. I didn't get up until late morning yesterday and didn't go out with Paul in the morning to get the car tuned-up. When he got in, he didn't want to go back out. After sleeping more in the early afternoon, I got up and went down to kensington. I needed to get some stuff for the knit swap next weekend. It was a good walk - although I wore bad shoes and my feet were not happy.

I thought it would make sense to stop at Dufferin mall to look for some new ones, but i had no luck, and just got my frustrated with myself. I called paul to see if he could come and get me, and as usual he very nicely said yes.

We stayed in and watched the hockey game and had a nice night, although I feel asleep in the 3rd period and clearly missed blogging saturday.

Today sat around and did nothing - just thought of things - instead of doing them. And now sitting watching TV while Paul is at hockey. And i'm okay with that, at least for right now, tomorrow could be a different story.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Seventy-Three

Blogging quickly now cause we are heading out to dinner and a movie. Our new Friday night treat. Work was long yet short. And glad to be home for the weekend. Pauly and I might do some shopping tomorrow, and I'm *planning* on working/ finishing the top of my mint-chocolate quilt top. I also need to sew a few things for my knitting pal for the swap next weekend. Also I wouldn't mind starting/ finishing the other silk spring mitt that I start eons ago.

I predict a busy crafting weekend.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day Seventy-Two

I was in a decent mood - despite having a bad day. Knit group was good, but paul is in a bad mood, which in turn has put me in a bad mood.

i'm hungry, tired and cranky. Not a good combination.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Seventy-One

Crap. Must hurry.

Left work "early" came home, searched for "cool" sunglasses cases. Cleaned kitchen, put in laundry, made dinner, watched jon & kate re-run, was SUPPOSE to get up and make Julie a "going away" sunglasses case for her trip - but feel asleep on the couch.

Nothing else got done. sleep was essential apparently. sorry julie.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Seventy

So much for making a life plan this week all I've done is work. Humpf. I know its only Tuesday, but I'm already exhausted from the week and its stupidity.

Although I did pay off a good portion of my credit card today, and put aside my "required" amount to my savings for my potential "house" fund. I'm pretty sure paul isn't ready for it and he isn't in the saving mode as I am, but at least i'll get a head start I suppose. I really should take a few months stop putting money aside and pay off some of my loan accounts. However right now I can really afford to put a little money everywhere, at I feel like i'm getting somewhere. Apposed to just paying one thing off, and not really feeling that accomplished. Today I at least feel like i've paid off a bit of everything and i'm really making progress.

I've got less then 10,000 in debt, between everything - OSAP, Loan, Credit Card. Thats good! At least I think thats pretty darn good. And i've got 2,000 in savings. And I still have money to get my knit swap gift and groceries this week.

So i've looked at that part of my life today, everything else has not been touched. Including our kitchen which is a mess and it bugs me, but i couldnt be bothered tonight. Not only did I work tilll 830, but i had to bring some work home.

Soon as I got in I took a bubble bath, put my jammies on, had a cup of tea, and watched the end of a very intese hockey game. Now blog, work, bed. I NEED to be at work by (but hopefully before) 9am tomorrow. This stuff needs to get to the client by 10. Then hopefully my day will slow down. I want to leave at 5 tomorrow. Maybe stop in for a 10 min. massage before coming home, to clean, do laundry, and sew a bit. At least thats the plan for now.

ps: only 31 days to go.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Day Sixty-Nine

man i'm tired. just tired. woke up late again today and have been tired all day. i need to get up on time and work at getting to work on time tomorrow.

so i'm going to bed now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day Sixty-Eight

Great weekend.

Movie on Friday with Pauly.
Dinner, movies & pictionary with Chrissy & Sean on Saturday.
Brunch with Steph, Steve, Amanda, Miguel and the kids today. I took at nap when we got home, did a load of laundry, watching some Brothers and Sisters and then off to bed.

This week I make a plan. For my life. Job, Health, House, Future, Money. Let's just hope I can stick to actually making the plan and sticking to it.

And since last week I couldn't find a recent pic of me and the girls, we took one today. Oh how I wish days like this were closer together.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Sixty-Six & Day Sixty Seven

Well I didn't post yesterday and its because I wasn't home all day. I didn't get home until after midnight. No I was not at work that whole time - thankgod.

Worked till 6:30ish, went to the mall and the fabric store, then met paul at the subway station to go see a movie. He needed to see Watchmen since it had already been out for a whole week! So we went, please don't ask me what it was about, I didn't really follow it at all. The music in it was good though.

Today we slept in. I was planning on getting up and sewing until 11:30-noon-ish then leaving to go to KW, but it didn't happen, and now its quarter to 1 and I still haven't showered or got ready. Oh well no rush I suppose. I'll sew later - maybe tomorrow night. Maybe i'll force myself to leave on time all next week then force myself to sew when I get home. I need to get out of this "so lazy-doing nothing all the time-sleeping for hours" habit. It makes me feel like i've done nothing but work ever.

On that note I leave you a picture. I got a new computer at work yesterday with a new 19" monitor, it took me until lunch to really get used to it, and by that time it had given me a headache it was so bright/ big. But the computer is super fast and its way pretty.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day Sixty-Five

It's a decent day when you get free stuff in the mail!

My winnings from Sew Mama Sew came today.

Aren't they pretty!

I also got my knit picks order from Anastasia today. I love the colour! Purple is definitely my new favourite, and it makes me want to cast on new socks right now, but I need to finish up a few projects first.

Which on that note, I think I'll retire to bed to knit and sleep.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day Sixty-Four

Yuck. Its 11:04, just got in from work and the cab ride has left me feeling like I did last wednesday night.

It's weird working real late with a ton of other people. Most other people were working on the pitch for tomorrow - but a few of us were working on summer/ fall planning - lucky us.

Alright I need to sleep cause its late and I didnt sleep last night.

I'm going to go to knit group tomorrow (yipee for knitpicks stuff!) so I should be home at a decent hour - here's hoping.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Sixty-Three

Day Sixty-Three - Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Pretty un-eventful birthday as usual. Tried to not let anyone at work find out. They did. Mom and Dad sent flowers as usual, and my team signed a secret card, and let Kim give it to me, along with some chocolates.

Julie made me a great birthday gift. I think the best one I got this year. Besides the flowers and the recycled chocolates (they were from a work supplier I believe) it was the only thing I got - but by far worth it. A ball of yarn and knitting needles made from office supplies.

Worked until 6ish, then went to the Workroom with Terri for their monthly Stitch and bitch. She sadly ripped out her pretty sock :( while I made some buttons for our Spring Solstice Swap in a few weeks - plus a few for Chrissy's book club. Buttons always make a birthday better.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day Sixty-Two

EEEk. I've been so busy making buttons tonight I almost forgot to post.

Tomorrow I shall have pictures of many pretty buttons to share.

but now must go to bed.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day Sixty-One

Wow - only 40 days left of 101.

This was a decent weekend. Rested until 1 yesterday which was much needed. Clearly i've just worked myself too hard the last few weeks. I feel like all I do anymore is work and sleep, its about time that I get up and start doing things. (don't hold me to that) Anyways, rested and laid around yesterday, went to the buck and doe, played a game and had popcorn with pauly last night.

Up this morning thinking it was 9:30 and sadly it was already 10:30 with the time change. Cleaned up the sewing room and sorted through my fabrics, put together some stuff to take over to Terri's and spent the afternoon over there chatting, cutting fabric and just hanging out.

Home and watching TV (Brothers and Sisters - LOVE and can't get enough of this show) and just hanging out till Pauly gets home. I think i'll do a bit of reading when its done in bed, and hopefully up early for work. (no holding me to that either)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day Fifty-Seven through to Sixty (Green Week days 2-5)

Okay sorry for the mass post and long delay (longest yet for my 101 days) but i've been stuck in bed since wednesday night.

I came home from work late and I wasn't feeling great, just off somehow, and I thought I felt like I was going to be sick. And I was - all night actually - and all the next morning. So no work on Thursday - no anything on Thursday to be exact, I didn't really move from bed all day/ night.

And I didn't go in on Friday - since I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours I was pretty weak, and no match for the rain and subway. So I stayed in bed again. In fact I stayed in bed until about 1pm today. Then I got up and showered and felt much better. Did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen up a bit, watched a movie with pauly.

Then we went out to Stacey & Nick's Buck and Doe, we only went for an hour or so, but wanted to show our support. But time for bed now, just that little (although it was 3 hours) trip wore me out.

But I do have Green week pictures to post, even though they are late :( Boo - Here i go participating in my first blog event, and I get sick and fail. boo me. oh well better late then never.
Green Highlighting for Wednesday in my day timer reminding me of timesheet training - in which i didn't go to cause I had to do something for some stupid person at work. (which I had moved to Friday and then missed cause I was sick - crap.)
My pretty little green IPOD for Thursday (although this pic was taken on Monday) she's so pretty.
And the green cover we got for our wii fit board so we don't slip and fall all over the place while doing the Tree Pose.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day Fifty-Six (Green Week - Day 2)

Okay. First of all Green Week.

We put up our shamrocks on the front door yesterday. And they were a lovely welcoming of green when I got home tonight. I love theme door hangers.

Alright. Secondly lets just sum this up to what its clearly going to be: a venting session.

In exactly one week I will be 28. And as it stands I'm not overly happy with the life I'm living. I take full blame, I know the mistakes and choices I've made and how I got here. I just don't know how to get from where I am to where I want to be.

I guess when I look at things from an overall point of view - this just isn't where I thought I would be. And I know I'm not "behind" and I'm not necessarily in a "rush" but I do look at friends and family and think "I want to be where they are".

I want a job where I'm excited to get up every morning and go too. I want to live close or down the street from my best friends and be able to help them out and babysit or just get together for Sunday tea or a Saturday movie. I want to be able to afford a house (not a condo) and be able to decorate it just the way I want it. I want to be special enough to be a bridesmaid more then once in my life, and plan a wedding (my own wedding). I want to own my own store, and make up my own rules. (okay that might actually be what i want, but it would be cool) I want to live in a town that you don't have to take public transit in, and its safe to ride your bike down the street.

On days like today when work just gets out of control, I just wish I could disappear. Go to a life that doesn't really exist. I wish I knew the next steps to get out of this funk that I've been in for the last few years.

Although my life isn't horrible. I should say that. I have amazing friends (even if i don't' see them all that much) and a fantastic family. A loving (but video-game obsessed) boyfriend, and a warm apartment (that isn't too overpriced).

okay that's it. end of venting.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day Fifty-Five (Green Week Day 1)

First of all - holy crap I've made it to day Fifty-five - i'm half way there!

Secondly I'm participating in my first "blogging event" (tee hee hee) I'm going to take part in "Green Week" hosted by Emily @ Shining Egg. I'm very excited.

As I was at work, I was thinking...hum, I wonder what i'll come across thats green today - and I didn't have to look far. Turns out my desk is full of green things.

This is a little corner of my desk. Which houses my little green spotty alligator (gifty from manda), my green cup - which I actually got out of my drawer this morning, prior to finding out it was green week! My green Nestle NFL mousepad, some green pens & highlighter and hiden in the back some mint green mini eggs as my treat!

And a bonus little pic of the spotty alligator - oh he's too cute.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day Fifty-Four


Not just something - something from Sew Mama Sew!!!
see here!

Oh my I never win anything! This is beyond exciting, so much so that I just yelled it throughout the house then got yelled at cause paul is taking nap before hockey - oops.

Oh i'm just soo excited! Okay i'll come back and post more in a bit, after i'm finished working (yes i've been working and napping today, instead of sewing)

Okay I'm back, a little less excited (but still really excited), spent most of today working on blocking charts and napping. And now i'm sitting on the floor in front of the TV (still working) watching the 2 hour episode of Brothers and Sisters - Love this show!
And this is what i've been snacking on this afternoon to keep me awake and focused (it's clearly not really working).

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day Fifty-Three

Saturday, a day for running errands and cleaning - why again do we look forward to the weekends?

Alright today wasn't bad. Got up around 9:30-10, sat around, then cleaned up, went out to do grocery shopping (stopped at Zellers and the sewing store, stopped for lunch). Then came home, I had a headache so laid down for an hour and a half or so, have been doing some searching.

Paul and I are going to make some dinner (tuna sandwiches) and then head to see a movie.

Tomorrow - I work and sew.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Fifty-Two

Another long day. Although I did leave work at 5:30 today - I made a facial appointment earlier this week, and couldn't cancel. But it was worth it. Those thing always hurt, they scrub so hard, and steam your face off, pick out all the pimples and dead cells and black heads (so gross) and you walk out feeling better then ever.

I also got two chocolate covered strawberries since the chocolate factory is right next door.

I bought a new sweater and came home. Pauly and I made taco's for dinner. And now bed. I brought up a bunch of work, all these blocking charts need to be finished EOD Monday and there is no way its going to happen unless i spend at least 5 or 6 hours doing it this weekend. I"m hoping I can do most of it from here, cause i really don't want to truck in there this weekend with the cold cold weather they are predicting.

And hopefully I'll also be able to have the energy and motivation to clean the bedroom closet, kitchen and do some sewing. I'd make a bet, but I'm not willing to lose this weekend, so we just won't.

Today's picture is from exactly one year ago today. On Time Canada's curling clinic day. I had a lot of fun (even though I wasn't great) so much fun I wanted to join a team this year, but I never did. Maybe next year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty & Fifty-One

Oh Crap. As if i missed day Fifty!

Yesterday was crap. Today was crap. Yesterday I worked late, and feel asleep on the couch after an argument with paul. Today I worked late, went to the mall to try and find a new pair of comfy casual work pants (no luck) then got stuck on the subway. It took half an hour to get from Dundas to st. george (normally a 5 min commute) then the subway stopped running at Ossington, I had to call paul to come and get me. And since we haven't exactly being communicating well the last two days, that didnt go overwell. Home now, hungry and ready for bed.

Yesterday's Picture was going to be this:

This was taking at our first leaf's game - in which they won. And since they won yesterday I thought it was fitting.

And these would be today's pictures. I miss my friends, these are sadly the most recent pictures I have of them - the last one was taken in Jan, just before Keon was born. Its hard to believe that we don't have a recent pic of the three of us, I guess our focus lately has been the kids not ourselves. Maybe I can get them together for a dinner or something, just the three of us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Forty-Nine

Grr. Thats it. I dont' really have much to blog about today. Got dressed up, then mtg was switched to conf. call, grrr. People were stupid and got in the way of things they shouldn't have, grrr. Was suppose to be home early (by 5pm) didn't actually leave work until 7:30pm, grrr.

I txt paul to start dinner, but he decided he wasn't going to eat before hockey, grr. Was going to sew a bag, but i'm confused by the instructions, and would rather be lazy like usual, grrr.

But I do have a photo, actually I made a mini collage of 4 photos - how lucky are you! From top left to bottom right.

1. Me and Bear enjoying cuddle time last night before bed
2. My desk at work. Half Clean/ Half a mess (ps thats a blanket on the boxes under my desk - for days were i'm freezing and need some comfort for my feet!)
3. My sewing table with bag I cut out to make tonight.
4. Me goofing around.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Forty-Eight

Mondays. Grrr. I think all the stupid people come out on Mondays. And I hate dealing with stupid people. Okay let me re-phrase that. Most people aren't stupid, they just do stupid things sometimes. Anyways, I dealt with a lot of those people today and that put me in an overall grumpy mood.

I rushed out of work at 6 so I could go get my eyebrows done and when I was done I walked by the shop next door to check these out:

Thats definitely a good way to brighten any mood - oh so yummy. But I was good and just looked, I left the mall without buying anything. Although I did schedule a facial appointment for Friday at 6.

I didn't do any sewing tonight, but i'm hoping to be home early tomorrow (Nestle mtg finishes at 4, and i'm not planning on going back to the office) and paul has hockey, and there is nothing on TV on tuesdays, so hoping I can get some motivation together and perhaps make something new. I'm leaning towards this bag.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Forty-Seven

Sunday...the closest day to Monday. Monday which starts the beginning of the work week. blah.

Today I've spent just hanging around. I had planned to get up early and do lots of projects. But I didn't. I slept until noon :), cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, sorted the laundry and waited for the rest of the people above me to do there million loads before I could put one in!

Then I sorted my buttons. As I mentioned yesterday I had this dream where I had all these mason jars and filled them with loads of stuff, like buttons. So i went out and bought a big box of mason jars, and today I filled them with buttons. So today's picture is my finished product. Clearly i need some more buttons, but this is a good start.

Other then that, I've just been sitting around, reading blogs, watched some TV. Nothing really exciting, but then again, it is Sunday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Forty-Six

Okay so taking a look back at this blog - I'm a bit impressed with myself that I've been able to keep it up, and although I'm mostly doing it for myself I noticed the other day that its probably boring for others.

So with some inspiration from some other blogs I've been reading lately (see list on the right) I've decided that for the next week I'm going to post a picture every day. It may be a picture I've taken that day, it maybe something old, it maybe something I've found on the net during my travels. I might talk about it, I might not - maybe it will just be something to bring a bit of joy to your day.

Today's picture is from my travels today. I was suppose to go to Thornbury with Pauly, but I really just needed a weekend to myself, we've been annoying each other a lot lately. And i just needed to veg out after what seemed like a long week. Good news is Paul wasn't upset and perfectly fine with it, I think he needed some space too - and it will allow him to chat up with old friends and get drunk at the dance tonight, without me hanging on to him and nagging him.

Other good news is he dropped me off at Walmart on his way out of town. I love a great Saturday afternoon at Walmart, when I have no time limit, money in my bank account, and a ton of crafty ideas. Its great.

My purchases included these way cute rubber rain boots. I have been looking for a pair like this for a while now. Not only did they come in my small size 5 shoe size, but they were also only $20 bucks!
And the main reason I headed out there was to pick up some mason jars. I had this dream last night that I had a bunch and re-arranged my sewing stuff to display all my buttons and notions in the jars along the window ledge. And so thats just what I wanted to do.

I got 12 for 7 dollars - i'm not sure if that was the right price or if they just screwed up, but either way I'm super happy about them. And i'm hoping that tomorrow I can start the organization - along with the million other projects i'm planning on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Forty-Five

Very Very quick post. Because my battery is about to die.

today was a decent day. i've realized that much of a "supervisors" day really is spent making phone calls, answering countless pointless emails and having meetings. And not really doing any "real" work. I might be able to get used to it afterall. That is if i don't have to stay till 7:30 every night doing the "real" work.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Forty-Five

Today was an alright sorta day. Didn't do much actual work this morning, lots of phone calls and busy work. Then left the office at two for an all afternoon mtg. Came home (so windy out) changed, had dinner, met up with andrea and went to knit group for a few hours.

Now i'm home, and got into a fight with paul about how much i talk to people about our lives, and the fact that i just shouldnt be talking about it to anyone else but him. I really do feel like the character from the book i'm reading.

going to bed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Forty-Four

ho hum.

so i'm definitely the work fixer-uper. i'm sent in when things are a "mess" to clean things up make them pretty, and make them make sense. Oh and the nearly impossible task of making the dollars match.

I realize that we aren't all taught the same way, but isn't it kinda common sense that your dollars should match the dollars you were given to spend! Why is everything all over the place, if you tell the client something is going to cost 50,000 you probably shouldn't send them a bill for 80,000! I just hate dealing with other peoples (preventable) mess! Seriously people, put a little effort into it!

I bought new pants today. partly because i have 2 mtgs tomorrow and felt the need to get new pants. and two cause i was sick of dealing with stupid people i needed a treat. of course in order to wear them tomorrow i had to hem them tonight, but it wasn't a big deal.

hopefully i can get up on time and do my hair, then i'll look all nice for a mtg that i will do nothing but sit at.

ho hum.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Forty-Three

Some days just bring back more memories then others. Today is one of those days, that I wished passed by with no memories, unfortunately there is a flood of feelings and emotions that come with Feb. 17 every year.

It's hard to believe that 7 years has passed since we lost a dear friend. It was too soon for him to go, and I'll never really understand the pain that he was feeling to go so far as to end things. He had an amazing spirit, and even though I know things were not great between us when he left, I hope he knows how much he meant to me and so many other people.

I write for myself first and foremost, and I think he taught me that the most, we would write back and forth and it never really mattered what we wrote, just that we wrote it down. I've learned as long as I write things down, i'm okay - its by far my biggest security blanket in life.

I do miss him, although I miss that whole time of my life. When things were simple, when we could spend weeks doing nothing, just sitting around laughing and talking all day and all night. Even though at the time I did not think things were simple, everything seemed so complicated, and we tried to act older then we were and forced ourselves to be grown-ups when we should have just been teenagers.
I miss the week long visits at the trailer that drove my grandparents and then my grandpa and aunts nuts. I miss campfires and the fresh cut grass smell, staying up way late and laughing way too loud. Those were good summers.

Although today is a flood of sad emotions still filled with questions of why and how come, that usually turn to frustration and anger - I still go back to the happy memories, some of the greatest times of my tween/teen years.

We all miss you Jimmy - I hope you are in a happy place.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Forty-Two

Holiday Mondays are great.

I do feel like I should have done more with an "extra day" however I did my normal - sleep in (way late), make breakfast for pauly and myself, take an afternoon nap (that lasted almost all afternoon) did some surfing the web, knitting, reading, watched some TV, had dinner (which cooked in the crockpot all day) did some laundry, and now some blogging.

Although when I started typing, I felt like I did nothing, I did do some stuff. And I really don't care if I "wasted" another day doing nothing. I kinda enjoyed it. Now i'm looking at bag patterns again, i'm hoping work isn't as insane this week (although I don't know how well that will work out) and maybe i'll have some motivation to sew something. I think we are going to thornbury next weekend for a benefit dance, so maybe a new bag for that will be motivation enough. We'll see.

Anyways, thats about enough excitment for one long weekend. I'm off to finish laundry, do some reading and go to bed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day Forty & Forty-One

Okay so yesterday (saturday) was really day Forty, and today (sunday) is really day Forty-One. I missed yesterday cause we got home late, so i'm updating our busy weekend now. And what a busy weekend it has been.

Dinner and Bowling on Friday night. Dinner, Ice Cream Cake and Movies in Ajax on Saturday, and Pampered Chef, Snacks and Hockey tonight. And since tomorrow is a holiday i'm hoping to do some sewing and cleaning, although i'll probably spending most of the day just sleeping.

Anyways, i'm off to watch brothers and sisters. I'm hoping i'll pick up and write better entries next week. This week has just been too busy and too tiring. Off to watch tv in bed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Thirty-Nine

oh so tired. yes its past midnight- but i just got home.

crazy day, worked till 7ish, came home, paul picked me up at the subway station, headed to dinner with Dave & Erin, then bowling. Good fun night with friends.

however very tired,and must sleep now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Thirty-Eight

Another long day. Tonight we went up to Summerhill station to the LCBO there - Vincor (Paul's company) was launching their new Ice Wine to support the 2010 Olympics. It looked like a good turn out. After we sampled the wine and cheese, we went down the street for drinks and app's with his work peoples. It was a nice evening.

But another night getting in later then we expected. Again tired, and sore. And not really time for much. I think i'm going to make a hot chocolate and go to bed, my legs are killing me, and tomorrow is going to be another long day.

And even though I kept thinking - its okay we'll have a relaxing long weekend, we now have plans for tomorrow night (Movie), Saturday Night (Sam & Michelles), Sunday (Mel & Jesses), hopefully we'll still be able to relax at all those events - i just would like to stay in bed for most of it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Thirty-Seven

Decent day. still really busy, and feel like things will only get worse next week when aaron is on holidays. Its going to be a "hold your breath and sink or swim" time for sure.

Returned one of the pairs of shoes I bought a few wks ago - if i haven't worn them yet, im probably not going to. That and they were 40 bucks, which is money I could really use right now, since I bought a new sweater

worked late again, so just finished dinner and watching iron chef with pauly. i think i might head to the bedroom for some sleep. Trying to wake up on time tomorrow (i doubt it)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Thirty-Six

Spoke too soon. today was crappy. just got home from work. and can't stop coughing.

man. i have emails to send, and clothes to put away, none of which i feel like doing. I think i'm going to head to the bedroom, through on disk 3 (season 2) of desperate housewives and go to bed.

be back tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Thirty-Five

Another quick update, i'm very tired.

Today was an alright day, work is becoming somewhat managable again, however i'm feeling a bit useless somedays. I've been really tired all day, hardly able to keep my eyes open. I fell asleep after dinner around 8:30 on the couch, and i'm about to fall asleep again I think. Which means time to head to bed. Hopefully a good full nights sleep and i'll wake up feeling better.

thats it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day Thirty-Three & Thirty-Four

What a great weekend. Not nearly long enough, but great.

Went up to blue mountain on Friday afternoon, hung out rested up. Got up early, breakfast, rentals and hit the hills - not the bunny hills, as Tanya wanted Sarah and I to start the day running. After falling a half a million times, I got the hang of it again. And after lunch, fell much less (minus the falling off the chair lift)

Anyways great day, passed out early, and woke up sore. Real sore. But still had a great time, and it was good to just chill out. We left the chatlet around 2ish, home by 5 (stopped to pick up some groceries) and have just been hanging around.

Not looking forward to back to work, but hopefully its a quick week before another long weekend. Okay thats it, watching brothers and sisters, and doing laundry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Thirty-Two

super super fast.

made cookies, granola, had shower, did hair, packed, paul gone to pick up nigel, running to finish getting stuff ready.

heading to blue mountain. be home sunday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Thirty-One

Go figure. I dont have to work tomorrow, and tonight i'm actually tired, and have too much to do that I just can't go to bed yet.
  • finish weekender bag (almost there)
  • finish laundry
  • fold and put all laundry away
  • pack (while folding and putting laundry away) stuff for ski trip
Work today was decent. Actually getting the hang for the new client and working with "new" team. Although still would rather be home sleeping.

Okay no more procrastinating, must finish weekender bag - determined to finish and make everything fit in it for the weekend. Even if it ends up just being my knitting/others bag.

I'll post again before we leave today, so I can at least get in a real Day thirty-two, but day thirty-three will be a bust, since there is no internet up there. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Thirty

Wow, thirty days - i'm getting good. I really need to keep this up once I get past 101 days - maybe not every day, but at least 3 times a week. Keeps the brain active. Although maybe i'll come up with more interesting things to write about by then.

Random thoughts that I realized/learned from facebook today:
There are some people from high school that I wish to never see/ chat with again, 5 years was enough time with them. However there are other classmates from my high school years that I wish I would have either stayed better friends with while we were there, or would have kept better contact with over the years after school. I'm glad that I've stayed in touch with Amanda and Steph - clearly the most important over all these years. But every once in a while, when I see the people who have stayed closer to home or family that still lives in Listowel and the bond they share and see each other all the time, and go to each others weddings and all have kids the same age and so on and so forth. It just makes me want to go back and live the same life.

I think I always just assumed that we would all live there or close to there (Listowel) and all get married around the same time, and all have kids around the same time, and have play dates, and afternoon tea, and watch movies together on Friday nights. I don't know, lately I just miss that simple life more and more.

And its not that my life is very complicated here. Get up, go to work, come home. Knit, sew, sleep. Repeat. But its just lacking things that will never be able to be fulfilled living in the city.

Anyways my point is that I think I could have had a slightly bigger circle of friends from high school had I tried a bit harder. Some of you I stalk on facebook and peek into your lives, and very much envy the little things. Oh and I wish we could go for sunday tea and catch up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine

So much for getting things done today. I went from bed to the couch and spent most of the day sleeping. Woke up with a headache around 3. And spent the rest of the day just hanging around.

I've been sewing on and off throughout the day, but just overall feeling crappy again.

Oh i hope this passes soon, I hate feeling like this.

Day Twenty-Eight

Well somedays I just drop the ball. Its not even that I didn't remember - I even had the page open, then I went in the living room, sat down and fell alseep. Which was actually a good thing, since I haven't been sleeping, bad thing cause I got nothing done.

Anyways, i'm at home today. Part not feeling good, part not wanting to work and would rather be sewing. So far, i've been checking emails from the comfort of my bed. But soon I'll get up, have breakfast and do some fox billing from the living room.

At least thats my plan. I'll post more for day twenty-nine later.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day Twenty-Seven

Today has been a good day.

Slept in (till 9), got up and did 25 minutes of wii fit yoga, cut out all the fabric and pieces for the Amy Butler Weekender bag (lots of cutting!) Made lunch (tuna sandwiches - very yummy) more cutting, watched some pre-superbowl, more cutting, finally started sewing around 5:30-6ish. put together pipping, cheered for the "yellow" team (steelers) during an "amazing interception" as paul called it, made the front pockets, handles, and front panels, while watching the "red" team score a touchdown to take the lead, and then watching the "yellow" team take it back with less then a minute left in the game. Yah Yellow team wins!

Now breaking to blog it all for day twenty-seven. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, or go to a client meeting forcing me to dress up tomorrow. :(

However, attempting to add picture of today's progress. Hoping to complete the whole bag for Friday morning, so it can be used for the ski trip this weekend!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day Twenty-Six

Made Chilli, cleaned the kitchen cuboards out, cleaned the kitchen, living room, spare room and hall. Load of towels in the wash.

Man i'm tired.

Now to entertain guests. I just want a nap.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Twenty-Five

Oh what a day.

I made a doctors apointment for this afternoon to check out this nasty cough. My doctor thinks i'm nuts, and I kinda feel like that girl from the movie My Girl who keeps going back to the doctor when nothing is wrong with her. Although my doctor did give me more antibiotics for my cough/ cold.

I also went to fabric land and the workroom today (long travels) but got everything to make the amy butler weekender bag. I started off the day thinking i was going to make my own pattern, but the more I looked at it online the more I just wanted that one. So 100 sum odd dollars later, i'm going to set out to see how far I can get this weekend - hopefully in time for the blue mountain trip next weekend.

then we did the grocery shopping and running around. oh boy, tired now. hoping for a good nights sleep. No sleeping in though - lots of cleaning an sewing to do. Sam and Michelle are coming over for a wii night tomorrow.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Twenty-Four

I'm tired. I can't stand the sound of paul eating (smelly) pizza in my ear. And I can't stop coughing.

That about sums up this evening.

Work today - one person got walked out, one person quit, several people thought about quitting, and it was last week's quitters going away party.

Went to knit group tonight and chatted about whats new - I think Rebecca is going to host an Oscar party, in which we might not actually watch the Oscars, but rather just have a good excuse for a party with good food and perhaps wii playing.

okay time for some bed. too much coughing tonight to do anything else.

except i might make some jello.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Twenty-Three

i don't really have much to say today. shocker i know.

regular ho hum crap day. worked late, went to indigo on my way home picked up "bending the rules sewing", after reading made by molly's blog i really needed to check that book out.

thats it. i did do my wii fit tonight, and two loads of laundry.

time for bed though i think. at least some knitting in bed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Twenty-Two

Well today was a slightly better day. I stayed on task and somewhat focused all day. Although still had to stay late to finish projects because lack of focus from those above me. All in all, I tried to stay calm and just get through the day one half hour at a time.

On another note, I've got comments! Two actually! I love getting comments, thank you girls! Gives me lots to think about, and lets me know, i'm not just writing this for me (although i'd be fine with that too) I also realized (after re-reading some entries) that I really should re-read before I post, lots of errors! Good thing this isn't for any marks or

Wanted to do laundry tonight, but someone else hasn't taken their stuff out yet, grrr, i hate that, specially since i had to hound down people at the office before I was leaving at 7pm to find enought change, only to find there was a bunch still in the change purse from last time!

Watching the hockey game - and we are losing 4-1, lots of fighting going one, and not enough scoring in my opinion.

alright, off to check the laundry again, and I think i'll do my wii fit. I didn't really have dinner tonight, so I should try and eat something too. (back to those bad eating habits...oh man, one day i'll get better!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Twenty-One

woah. sometimes things just hit you like a brick. like today, no wonder i'm so sick.
bad eating habits. bad sleeping habits. bad work habits. no concentration, no focus.


i tried to do some soul searching and find out what my good habits are, work wise, hobby wise, etc. i came up with about four qualities for work. I must have more to me then, creative, chart maker, people person, organzied.

I just don't know what i want to do - how do you just decided that - how do people just know what they want to do? Tanya asked me the other day what I wanted to be when I was a kid - and I have no idea. I know when I was in highschool I wanted to be in advertising or be a writer, clearly neither of those have worked for me.

I guess i need to do some more deep soul searching. another day today has been too much already.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Twenty

Wow, I made it to day twenty (well minus those two days that i missed, but i think i made up for that).

I've done nothing today, but sit here on the couch with a headache and watch the food network. I kinda feel bad about not doing anything, and i kinda don't.

I did have a shower tonight, and that made me feel slightly better. Skating party yesterday was wonderful and i love nights like that where we just hang out and there is nothing fancy just some great food and good conversation. Although the little skating i did knocked me right out - I coughed and wheezed for at least 20 minutes after coming in. And was up for most of the night with it, I guess thats why I ended up sleeping most of today.

but all in all it was a good day. not looking forward to the week ahead, however i'm going to try and deal with it one day at a time. we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day Nineteen

I better post now, cause I don't know what time we will be home tonight. I've done pretty much nothing today. However i did (not so succesfully) make a cake. My grandma's marble bunt cake to take out to the Senko farm to enjoy before/after/during the skating party. Its a bit "coloured" on the top - but i think that will just add a better taste - lets at least hope so!

We are all bundled up and hoping that we will be able to stay warm all night!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Eighteen

Okay, very quick as its already 11:43. I discovered i have a few followers - yipee. Therefore I think i need to start being a bit more positive on here - no one wants to read about me complaining all the time. Although i'll warn you its what i think i do best!

today was a bad day at work (surprise) but i'm not going to go there.

Pauly and i had dinner with Linds and tanya tonight. It was a nice night out, even if we did talk about "work related stuff" for most of the night.

okay thats it, i'm tired. time for bed, or least lying on the couch not thinking.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Seventeen

complete melt down at work today. too much got to me I guess.

went to knit group to cool down. it was good. I got the first of my grey flip-top mitts done. not sure if i love it though. the acutally mitt part is a bit small (i always do that) and the flip top pattern ended up looking kinda weird. although the overall mitt looks okay. but i'm still undecided.

I was going to do my wii fit tonight (since i went to bed yesterday instead of doing it) but I think i'm just going to jump in the shower and head to bed again. I need to try and go into work early tomorrow, hopefully be there around 8. Too much to do, got nothing done today, and have mtg's all day tomorrow too. grrr.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Sixteen

oh geeze.

Name one positive thing about today. I got both the ikea and knit picks catalogue in the mail today. and thats about the only good thing about today.

oh and I bought two new pairs of shoes that I can't really find.

I finished all my antibiotics, and guess what, I still have green boogers.

Alright going back to watching Leafs Hockey on HD (love that) and going to finish knitting my mitt (hopefully). Oh and i should also do my wii fit.

Oops - pretend this is day Fifteen

Crap times 2. I didn't even forget yesterday, i said to myself, soon as your done dinner update your blog.

clearly i never finished dinner. I didn't actually, i had a huge coughing fit and just lied down, then i did my wii fit instead. and then i totally forgot.

oh well. at least i'm doing somewhat okay on the updating daily. better then usual.

yesterday was a crappy day all around, so its probably better i didnt blog, it would have been a whole vent session (although i suppose thats what i do everyday)

anyways at work and must go and do work before someone comes and yells at me. I will update day sixteen this evening as usual.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Fourteen

Oh man. I love that boy I really do, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could throw him out on his butt to get my point across.

Today he was home sick. Last night he had a bit of a fever and had the hot/cold chills. So he said he was going to stay home and rest. Good idea. However I came home to a some what tidy house which was the first give-away. As i walked through the spare room to the kitchen i found the real reason. He suddenly got better at some point today. And decided since the guys were coming over to "jam" he should go and buy the new Rock Band 2.

so much for saving this year.

angry moment number 2 today (actually it was number 1, but the 2nd one made me slightly more angry) I hate the subway, the pushy, grouchy, mean people who think they need to get to work or home faster then the rest of us.

GRRRR. what a day. thank goodness for job and kate time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Thirteen

Ho Hum, another sunday night.

Frustrating day, but almost over. I think thats as far as i'll go today.

Working on trying to finish a winter hat I started eons ago. Paul is sick and i'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Oh how I wish I could just stay here and knit or make bags or something other then actual work that involves those people and that stuff I do.

alright, enough of this weekend. on to another crazy week.

ps its 5 to eleven and it sounds like people are shoveling all around the house...must go see whats going on.