Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day Twenty-Six

Made Chilli, cleaned the kitchen cuboards out, cleaned the kitchen, living room, spare room and hall. Load of towels in the wash.

Man i'm tired.

Now to entertain guests. I just want a nap.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Day Twenty-Five

Oh what a day.

I made a doctors apointment for this afternoon to check out this nasty cough. My doctor thinks i'm nuts, and I kinda feel like that girl from the movie My Girl who keeps going back to the doctor when nothing is wrong with her. Although my doctor did give me more antibiotics for my cough/ cold.

I also went to fabric land and the workroom today (long travels) but got everything to make the amy butler weekender bag. I started off the day thinking i was going to make my own pattern, but the more I looked at it online the more I just wanted that one. So 100 sum odd dollars later, i'm going to set out to see how far I can get this weekend - hopefully in time for the blue mountain trip next weekend.

then we did the grocery shopping and running around. oh boy, tired now. hoping for a good nights sleep. No sleeping in though - lots of cleaning an sewing to do. Sam and Michelle are coming over for a wii night tomorrow.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Twenty-Four

I'm tired. I can't stand the sound of paul eating (smelly) pizza in my ear. And I can't stop coughing.

That about sums up this evening.

Work today - one person got walked out, one person quit, several people thought about quitting, and it was last week's quitters going away party.

Went to knit group tonight and chatted about whats new - I think Rebecca is going to host an Oscar party, in which we might not actually watch the Oscars, but rather just have a good excuse for a party with good food and perhaps wii playing.

okay time for some bed. too much coughing tonight to do anything else.

except i might make some jello.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day Twenty-Three

i don't really have much to say today. shocker i know.

regular ho hum crap day. worked late, went to indigo on my way home picked up "bending the rules sewing", after reading made by molly's blog i really needed to check that book out.

thats it. i did do my wii fit tonight, and two loads of laundry.

time for bed though i think. at least some knitting in bed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Twenty-Two

Well today was a slightly better day. I stayed on task and somewhat focused all day. Although still had to stay late to finish projects because lack of focus from those above me. All in all, I tried to stay calm and just get through the day one half hour at a time.

On another note, I've got comments! Two actually! I love getting comments, thank you girls! Gives me lots to think about, and lets me know, i'm not just writing this for me (although i'd be fine with that too) I also realized (after re-reading some entries) that I really should re-read before I post, lots of errors! Good thing this isn't for any marks or

Wanted to do laundry tonight, but someone else hasn't taken their stuff out yet, grrr, i hate that, specially since i had to hound down people at the office before I was leaving at 7pm to find enought change, only to find there was a bunch still in the change purse from last time!

Watching the hockey game - and we are losing 4-1, lots of fighting going one, and not enough scoring in my opinion.

alright, off to check the laundry again, and I think i'll do my wii fit. I didn't really have dinner tonight, so I should try and eat something too. (back to those bad eating habits...oh man, one day i'll get better!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Twenty-One

woah. sometimes things just hit you like a brick. like today, no wonder i'm so sick.
bad eating habits. bad sleeping habits. bad work habits. no concentration, no focus.


i tried to do some soul searching and find out what my good habits are, work wise, hobby wise, etc. i came up with about four qualities for work. I must have more to me then, creative, chart maker, people person, organzied.

I just don't know what i want to do - how do you just decided that - how do people just know what they want to do? Tanya asked me the other day what I wanted to be when I was a kid - and I have no idea. I know when I was in highschool I wanted to be in advertising or be a writer, clearly neither of those have worked for me.

I guess i need to do some more deep soul searching. another day today has been too much already.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day Twenty

Wow, I made it to day twenty (well minus those two days that i missed, but i think i made up for that).

I've done nothing today, but sit here on the couch with a headache and watch the food network. I kinda feel bad about not doing anything, and i kinda don't.

I did have a shower tonight, and that made me feel slightly better. Skating party yesterday was wonderful and i love nights like that where we just hang out and there is nothing fancy just some great food and good conversation. Although the little skating i did knocked me right out - I coughed and wheezed for at least 20 minutes after coming in. And was up for most of the night with it, I guess thats why I ended up sleeping most of today.

but all in all it was a good day. not looking forward to the week ahead, however i'm going to try and deal with it one day at a time. we'll see how it goes.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day Nineteen

I better post now, cause I don't know what time we will be home tonight. I've done pretty much nothing today. However i did (not so succesfully) make a cake. My grandma's marble bunt cake to take out to the Senko farm to enjoy before/after/during the skating party. Its a bit "coloured" on the top - but i think that will just add a better taste - lets at least hope so!

We are all bundled up and hoping that we will be able to stay warm all night!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Eighteen

Okay, very quick as its already 11:43. I discovered i have a few followers - yipee. Therefore I think i need to start being a bit more positive on here - no one wants to read about me complaining all the time. Although i'll warn you its what i think i do best!

today was a bad day at work (surprise) but i'm not going to go there.

Pauly and i had dinner with Linds and tanya tonight. It was a nice night out, even if we did talk about "work related stuff" for most of the night.

okay thats it, i'm tired. time for bed, or least lying on the couch not thinking.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Seventeen

complete melt down at work today. too much got to me I guess.

went to knit group to cool down. it was good. I got the first of my grey flip-top mitts done. not sure if i love it though. the acutally mitt part is a bit small (i always do that) and the flip top pattern ended up looking kinda weird. although the overall mitt looks okay. but i'm still undecided.

I was going to do my wii fit tonight (since i went to bed yesterday instead of doing it) but I think i'm just going to jump in the shower and head to bed again. I need to try and go into work early tomorrow, hopefully be there around 8. Too much to do, got nothing done today, and have mtg's all day tomorrow too. grrr.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Sixteen

oh geeze.

Name one positive thing about today. I got both the ikea and knit picks catalogue in the mail today. and thats about the only good thing about today.

oh and I bought two new pairs of shoes that I can't really find.

I finished all my antibiotics, and guess what, I still have green boogers.

Alright going back to watching Leafs Hockey on HD (love that) and going to finish knitting my mitt (hopefully). Oh and i should also do my wii fit.

Oops - pretend this is day Fifteen

Crap times 2. I didn't even forget yesterday, i said to myself, soon as your done dinner update your blog.

clearly i never finished dinner. I didn't actually, i had a huge coughing fit and just lied down, then i did my wii fit instead. and then i totally forgot.

oh well. at least i'm doing somewhat okay on the updating daily. better then usual.

yesterday was a crappy day all around, so its probably better i didnt blog, it would have been a whole vent session (although i suppose thats what i do everyday)

anyways at work and must go and do work before someone comes and yells at me. I will update day sixteen this evening as usual.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Fourteen

Oh man. I love that boy I really do, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could throw him out on his butt to get my point across.

Today he was home sick. Last night he had a bit of a fever and had the hot/cold chills. So he said he was going to stay home and rest. Good idea. However I came home to a some what tidy house which was the first give-away. As i walked through the spare room to the kitchen i found the real reason. He suddenly got better at some point today. And decided since the guys were coming over to "jam" he should go and buy the new Rock Band 2.

so much for saving this year.

angry moment number 2 today (actually it was number 1, but the 2nd one made me slightly more angry) I hate the subway, the pushy, grouchy, mean people who think they need to get to work or home faster then the rest of us.

GRRRR. what a day. thank goodness for job and kate time.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Thirteen

Ho Hum, another sunday night.

Frustrating day, but almost over. I think thats as far as i'll go today.

Working on trying to finish a winter hat I started eons ago. Paul is sick and i'm not looking forward to work tomorrow. Oh how I wish I could just stay here and knit or make bags or something other then actual work that involves those people and that stuff I do.

alright, enough of this weekend. on to another crazy week.

ps its 5 to eleven and it sounds like people are shoveling all around the house...must go see whats going on.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Twelve

Today was a good day.

It didn't really start off that way, but we ended up going to see Manda, Miguel, Maya and Keon after all! And other then getting a bit lost on the way (i was too excited to remember how to get there) it was a great day. We got there around 2:30 and had a good long visit staying for dinner and helping manda do grocery shopping while the boys and kids watched a movie.

Keon is soo cute, and man what a sleeper - i mean he is only 3 days old and we are in the middle of the coldest weather we've had all year so i don't blame him for wanting to stay all bundled up and sleep all day - thats how we all feel.

And maya is getting so big, and i think is just a few months away from putting words together to make real sentences. I can't wait to have a real conversation with her. She is going to be a big helper to mom.

It *almost* makes me want one. Although i'd like to do things in the right order. As part of my to-do list for tomorrow i'm going to start a realistic saving budget. For the future. House, weddings, new house stuff, etc. I think its time to start being a grown up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Eleven

Grrr. what a day.

subway was down all morning because of the blackout. luckly we were not affected during the power outage, however i did have to reep the effects of it. And in the end it wasn't actually that bad. I walked from our place up two subway stops to Dundas West and got the King street car from there, then had to walk from King/Younge up to work. So it wasn't horrible, but it was -18 when i left this morning, so that was pretty uncomfortable.

Soon as I got to work i had to go into a training session that i was half an hour late for, because it took me so long to get there. And it was almost useless. I would have rather just taken the handout and taught myself. I really don't need to know that the "tab" key will help you move to different cells in excel - i think i'm past that now.

And work just sucked this week. I have had no ambition to be there, and have let several things just drop off my plate somewhat un-noticed. While until someone realizes they aren't there. Like billing or inputting or bookings.

I'm just getting fed up. I know I always say this, and i always think i'll do something about it. I know I won't this time either and that i'm pretty much "calling wolf" for the 100th or more time in my 5 here, but really thats just the way i feel sometimes. So fed up with people that actually think 1 ad is going to make a difference, or that the whole campaign will incourage millions to buy their product, i'm just not so sure that actually happens in the real world anymore. If your going to advertise you need to do it in a way that is compelling to the consumer - not a freakin' tv ad or billboard.

that is however just a dumb opinion.

okay, i've had enough. i'm going to change into my jammies and get into bed, its cold in here tonight, and i'm in no mood for doing anything but falling alseep.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Ten

YIPPEE! Today's is Baby Day!

I'm now a proud (substitute) Auntie to a 9 pound, 10 oz baby Boy named Keon James DeOliveira. I actually knew this morning when I made my other post - however that was technically yesterday when I didn't know.

Stephie got to go visit today, and I'm not so patiently waiting for her to get home and post pictures of the big little guy!

other news - mtg at clients office went fine. And by fine I mean again we had the conversation that I'm not right and everyone else is. And that I'm task oriented and apparently that's wrong if your a supervisor.

Problem 1 - never asked to be a supervisor, never really wanted to be one.
Problem 2 - i've always been task oriented it's really the only thing I can do in order to not have a panic attack every day. I feel like it may be a stressful year.

thats it, i'm too excited at the chance of seeing the pics to write anymore.

What should have been Day Nine

Crap. I forgot. And I was doing so well too.

I'm not going to let this affect me, I'm going to keep going like i didn't miss a day. So what happened yesterday.

Very frustrating billing/ PO mtg at work, in which i was told to "stop" at least 4 times. Therefore meaning my thoughts were not important enough for this mtg. (then why the heck did i have to go?!?)

Very VERY packed subway on the way home with ridiculously pushy people.

Dinner with Dad, he was in town for work. So we met him at the Muddy Duck for a good dinner and some chatting.

Got home and pretty much spent the night on the couch/in bed. I was too tired/ worn out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Eight

crap. I almost forgot. close one.

I was feeling like crap all day - between coughint and weakness it wasn't good. I still forced myself to go out (I know bad idea). However I promised i'd take Sam with me to the Hockey Game - and it was too late to back out. I actually started to feel a bit better by the end of the day anyways. I'm much better now then I have been all day, although i have that aweful yucky feeling in my mouth even after brushing my teeth twice. gross.

Leaf's lost - big surprise. But the game was good regardless. I love going - we were in a box tonight, with free food and booze (no i wasn't drinking, not a good idea while on the medication). When didn't have to do a lot of chatting with my rep, but I think he was happy that I could come. And I was.

Okay thats it, i'm going to bed in hopes to "sleep well" - wish me luck.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day Seven

Fast, quick update because I can't stop coughing. Today was monday. monday's suck, just about as much as sundays do. My nose still hurts and still running like crazy! And no work of baby D yet.

That pretty much sums it up. I made a good yummy dinner. Time for a shower and bed.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Six

ho hum. another sunday night.

Still no baby yet. I know think it will be later in the week/ weekend, before anything happens. Although Amanda is feeling contractions they are still hours apart. So its going to be a while longer before this little guy gets a move on. (i'm sure she appreciates me chatting about it so openly online).

It was a good weekend visit thought. It was nice to see the girls and just hang out. Although every time we have a weekend like that it makes me a bit sad that we don't live closer and can't just do that on a regular basis. We never really do anything that eventful, a movie, some girl chat, watching the game show network, wii playing. But its those little things, and that time that I really miss.

Like I said in a previous post. I'm happy to have a good job that allows me to support myself (as well as my yarn and shopping habits), i'm also happy to have such a loving boyfriend (even we are mad at each other) but sometimes I just wish for a simpler life. In a smaller town, without the "city" people, where waiting in line for 20 minutes in a snow storm to watch a movie is perfectly acceptable.

One day we shall move and live a simpler life. (at least thats what I really really hope.)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day Five

Very quick update. I'm in KW at Stephie's for a girls weekend.

We went to see Amanda and Maya today - no baby yet. :( Although there was some severe pain while we were there. We've been hoping for a call to say okay come back - but we haven't heard anything yet.

We went for dinner at subway, and then went to see Bride Wars with Mel & Cheryl - it was soo good. Funny and emotional (it is about weddings). Definitely one to get on DVD.

My nose is still running like crazy, it gets better and worse everyday - very frustrating!

Okay thats it for tonight - I think we might play some wii and just chill out.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Four

Okay i'm posting earlier today, so I don't run into yesterday's situation, even though i'm sure i'd have more to update later. Although today has already been pretty eventful.

Doctors appointment was this morning. Basically i'm a sicky. I have a bad immune system and there is no really way to make it better. I have to "try" and not get sick. My body just doesn't fight things off like everyone elses. He gave me some antibiotics to clear up the sinus/cold/flu issues i'm having now and then from there who knows.

When i got my prescription filled today I picked up new multi vitamins and vitamin C pills. 2009 is the year to get better right. I'm going to start there, mainly cause the good eating thing hasn't really been working well this week. One thing at a time right?

We had a group status meeting at work today. Basically things haven't been good the past year (no big surprise) and but the lack of staff, it doesn't sound like its going to get much better. However the hope and thought is that it will. Like this blog thing, i'm not thinking too much into it. Who knows. I hope for the best, but i've been there 5 years in February (can you believe that - 5 freakin' years!!) and things never really change.

Okay time to go. Its cold in here, and i have some sewing to do before heading out to KW tomorrow to visit with Stephie. We are hoping that baby DeOlivieria makes his grand entrance right on cue tomorrow so we'll be able to visit on the first day just like when Maya was born. I think we might be asking a bit much, but who knows. It will be nice to visit with Stephie though for sure, I haven't seen her in a while, and it sucks, cause we don't really live that far away. I hate that...grrr ... but that issue is a whole other story, and I really do need to go now.

Day Three

I know, techically its day four... but i haven't gone to bed yet so its still day three to me.

I almost forgot tonight, i was just getting into bed, and though - crap. Got out of bed, ran to the living room for quick update. And what news I have!!

Amanda is in labour!!! Yippee for a new "substitute" nephew! I can't wait to meet the little guy. Just like last time things are falling in to place for "perfect" timing. Steph happens to have the whole weekend off, and Paul is heading up north for the Tim Cronin memorial hockey tourny. So i'm going to jump on a bus saturday morning and go to Steph's we'll hang out there and wait for baby. Or maybe go and hang out in Guelph and wait for baby, depends on whats happening. Either way i'm excited.

Still feeling like crap, but the good news has made me feel better. I also went to knit group tonight for 2 and a half hours - it was good to get out, probably was out a bit too late, but Anastasia gave me a ride home so that was nice.

My doctors appointment is in the morning, i'm assuming as usual he'll take a bunch of blood work, make me pee in the cup and give me a perscription for some weird antibiotic - i just hope he can figure out what the heck this is and i can get better - I hate being sick.

okay, now back to bed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Two

Remember yesterday when I said mentioned I was feeling better in the evening then I was in the afternoon, but still crappy? I think i jinxed myself. I woke up feeling the worst.

Now I did tell people yesterday I was going to stay home today, so it might have started off as, "I'm sick because I don't want to go to work" but it progressively has gotten worse over the day. My sinus's are aching, my head is throbbing, and I went from boiling hot to freezing cold at least 6 times.

New Years resolution #2: to get better. I mean really better. I think I spent at least 55% of 2008 sick. I have a doctors appointment on Friday and I'm going to talk to him about long term solutions, its getting a little ridiculous. Part of getting better is going to need to include: more exercise and better eating habits. I already told paul, i'd like to spend more time in the kitchen, we really need to eat better - we just don't pay enough attention to what we are making/ eating on a daily basis. Again we'll see how long this lasts - or when it even starts. Since i've been sick since Christmas, our new year hasn't exactly started the way I had hoped. Dinners and lunches have taken a backseat in the last 2 weeks to sleeping and resting.

Alright, heading off, i'd say i'm going back to bed, but because I managed to sleep all afternoon, I really need to finish up the work I brought home - sad when even a "sick" day turns into a work day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day One


Object: to keep a blog updated for 101 consecutive days, nothing huge, perhaps just a quick status update, but if i have time to check facebook every 20 minutes at night, then I have time to update this right. Let's see how long it lasts.

Summary of today: I'm still sick. This is at least my 10th straight day being sick. Runny nose, sore throat, coughing up a lung kinda sick. I've gone through 4 boxes of kleenex and a box of benadryl all in one. And still sick. I made an appointment to see the Dr. on Friday morning. I hope he tells me I need time off to get better.

Clarification: I realize I'm very lucky to just have had 2 weeks off, not to mention a week off in October and a week off (away in a different country) in November. I also realize I'm lucky enough to have a stable job that pays well in these trying economic times. HOWEVER my doctor is constantly telling me that the stress of my job is what continues to make me sick. If that is true, then perhaps the thought of going back to work over the holidays prevented me from getting better, and now that i'm back to work and in the swing of things, i'll never get better! Truth is, even if he said you need to take time off, I don't think i'd have the guts to do it. I'm just not that kinda gal.

Alright, well i'm techinically feeling slightly better then I was this afternoon at 3pm. I'm still feeling like crap. therefore instead of doing the rest of the things on my list (clean kitchen, knit grey mitts, make dinner, take down christmas decorations) i'm going to jump in the shower, put on my comfy pj's, put in season 2, disc one of Desperate Housewives, snuggle under my new sheets in my very comfortable bed and and fall alseep.