Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day Fifty-Three

Saturday, a day for running errands and cleaning - why again do we look forward to the weekends?

Alright today wasn't bad. Got up around 9:30-10, sat around, then cleaned up, went out to do grocery shopping (stopped at Zellers and the sewing store, stopped for lunch). Then came home, I had a headache so laid down for an hour and a half or so, have been doing some searching.

Paul and I are going to make some dinner (tuna sandwiches) and then head to see a movie.

Tomorrow - I work and sew.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Fifty-Two

Another long day. Although I did leave work at 5:30 today - I made a facial appointment earlier this week, and couldn't cancel. But it was worth it. Those thing always hurt, they scrub so hard, and steam your face off, pick out all the pimples and dead cells and black heads (so gross) and you walk out feeling better then ever.

I also got two chocolate covered strawberries since the chocolate factory is right next door.

I bought a new sweater and came home. Pauly and I made taco's for dinner. And now bed. I brought up a bunch of work, all these blocking charts need to be finished EOD Monday and there is no way its going to happen unless i spend at least 5 or 6 hours doing it this weekend. I"m hoping I can do most of it from here, cause i really don't want to truck in there this weekend with the cold cold weather they are predicting.

And hopefully I'll also be able to have the energy and motivation to clean the bedroom closet, kitchen and do some sewing. I'd make a bet, but I'm not willing to lose this weekend, so we just won't.

Today's picture is from exactly one year ago today. On Time Canada's curling clinic day. I had a lot of fun (even though I wasn't great) so much fun I wanted to join a team this year, but I never did. Maybe next year.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty & Fifty-One

Oh Crap. As if i missed day Fifty!

Yesterday was crap. Today was crap. Yesterday I worked late, and feel asleep on the couch after an argument with paul. Today I worked late, went to the mall to try and find a new pair of comfy casual work pants (no luck) then got stuck on the subway. It took half an hour to get from Dundas to st. george (normally a 5 min commute) then the subway stopped running at Ossington, I had to call paul to come and get me. And since we haven't exactly being communicating well the last two days, that didnt go overwell. Home now, hungry and ready for bed.

Yesterday's Picture was going to be this:

This was taking at our first leaf's game - in which they won. And since they won yesterday I thought it was fitting.

And these would be today's pictures. I miss my friends, these are sadly the most recent pictures I have of them - the last one was taken in Jan, just before Keon was born. Its hard to believe that we don't have a recent pic of the three of us, I guess our focus lately has been the kids not ourselves. Maybe I can get them together for a dinner or something, just the three of us.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Forty-Nine

Grr. Thats it. I dont' really have much to blog about today. Got dressed up, then mtg was switched to conf. call, grrr. People were stupid and got in the way of things they shouldn't have, grrr. Was suppose to be home early (by 5pm) didn't actually leave work until 7:30pm, grrr.

I txt paul to start dinner, but he decided he wasn't going to eat before hockey, grr. Was going to sew a bag, but i'm confused by the instructions, and would rather be lazy like usual, grrr.

But I do have a photo, actually I made a mini collage of 4 photos - how lucky are you! From top left to bottom right.

1. Me and Bear enjoying cuddle time last night before bed
2. My desk at work. Half Clean/ Half a mess (ps thats a blanket on the boxes under my desk - for days were i'm freezing and need some comfort for my feet!)
3. My sewing table with bag I cut out to make tonight.
4. Me goofing around.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Forty-Eight

Mondays. Grrr. I think all the stupid people come out on Mondays. And I hate dealing with stupid people. Okay let me re-phrase that. Most people aren't stupid, they just do stupid things sometimes. Anyways, I dealt with a lot of those people today and that put me in an overall grumpy mood.

I rushed out of work at 6 so I could go get my eyebrows done and when I was done I walked by the shop next door to check these out:

Thats definitely a good way to brighten any mood - oh so yummy. But I was good and just looked, I left the mall without buying anything. Although I did schedule a facial appointment for Friday at 6.

I didn't do any sewing tonight, but i'm hoping to be home early tomorrow (Nestle mtg finishes at 4, and i'm not planning on going back to the office) and paul has hockey, and there is nothing on TV on tuesdays, so hoping I can get some motivation together and perhaps make something new. I'm leaning towards this bag.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day Forty-Seven

Sunday...the closest day to Monday. Monday which starts the beginning of the work week. blah.

Today I've spent just hanging around. I had planned to get up early and do lots of projects. But I didn't. I slept until noon :), cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the living room, sorted the laundry and waited for the rest of the people above me to do there million loads before I could put one in!

Then I sorted my buttons. As I mentioned yesterday I had this dream where I had all these mason jars and filled them with loads of stuff, like buttons. So i went out and bought a big box of mason jars, and today I filled them with buttons. So today's picture is my finished product. Clearly i need some more buttons, but this is a good start.

Other then that, I've just been sitting around, reading blogs, watched some TV. Nothing really exciting, but then again, it is Sunday.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Forty-Six

Okay so taking a look back at this blog - I'm a bit impressed with myself that I've been able to keep it up, and although I'm mostly doing it for myself I noticed the other day that its probably boring for others.

So with some inspiration from some other blogs I've been reading lately (see list on the right) I've decided that for the next week I'm going to post a picture every day. It may be a picture I've taken that day, it maybe something old, it maybe something I've found on the net during my travels. I might talk about it, I might not - maybe it will just be something to bring a bit of joy to your day.

Today's picture is from my travels today. I was suppose to go to Thornbury with Pauly, but I really just needed a weekend to myself, we've been annoying each other a lot lately. And i just needed to veg out after what seemed like a long week. Good news is Paul wasn't upset and perfectly fine with it, I think he needed some space too - and it will allow him to chat up with old friends and get drunk at the dance tonight, without me hanging on to him and nagging him.

Other good news is he dropped me off at Walmart on his way out of town. I love a great Saturday afternoon at Walmart, when I have no time limit, money in my bank account, and a ton of crafty ideas. Its great.

My purchases included these way cute rubber rain boots. I have been looking for a pair like this for a while now. Not only did they come in my small size 5 shoe size, but they were also only $20 bucks!
And the main reason I headed out there was to pick up some mason jars. I had this dream last night that I had a bunch and re-arranged my sewing stuff to display all my buttons and notions in the jars along the window ledge. And so thats just what I wanted to do.

I got 12 for 7 dollars - i'm not sure if that was the right price or if they just screwed up, but either way I'm super happy about them. And i'm hoping that tomorrow I can start the organization - along with the million other projects i'm planning on.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day Forty-Five

Very Very quick post. Because my battery is about to die.

today was a decent day. i've realized that much of a "supervisors" day really is spent making phone calls, answering countless pointless emails and having meetings. And not really doing any "real" work. I might be able to get used to it afterall. That is if i don't have to stay till 7:30 every night doing the "real" work.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day Forty-Five

Today was an alright sorta day. Didn't do much actual work this morning, lots of phone calls and busy work. Then left the office at two for an all afternoon mtg. Came home (so windy out) changed, had dinner, met up with andrea and went to knit group for a few hours.

Now i'm home, and got into a fight with paul about how much i talk to people about our lives, and the fact that i just shouldnt be talking about it to anyone else but him. I really do feel like the character from the book i'm reading.

going to bed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Forty-Four

ho hum.

so i'm definitely the work fixer-uper. i'm sent in when things are a "mess" to clean things up make them pretty, and make them make sense. Oh and the nearly impossible task of making the dollars match.

I realize that we aren't all taught the same way, but isn't it kinda common sense that your dollars should match the dollars you were given to spend! Why is everything all over the place, if you tell the client something is going to cost 50,000 you probably shouldn't send them a bill for 80,000! I just hate dealing with other peoples (preventable) mess! Seriously people, put a little effort into it!

I bought new pants today. partly because i have 2 mtgs tomorrow and felt the need to get new pants. and two cause i was sick of dealing with stupid people i needed a treat. of course in order to wear them tomorrow i had to hem them tonight, but it wasn't a big deal.

hopefully i can get up on time and do my hair, then i'll look all nice for a mtg that i will do nothing but sit at.

ho hum.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day Forty-Three

Some days just bring back more memories then others. Today is one of those days, that I wished passed by with no memories, unfortunately there is a flood of feelings and emotions that come with Feb. 17 every year.

It's hard to believe that 7 years has passed since we lost a dear friend. It was too soon for him to go, and I'll never really understand the pain that he was feeling to go so far as to end things. He had an amazing spirit, and even though I know things were not great between us when he left, I hope he knows how much he meant to me and so many other people.

I write for myself first and foremost, and I think he taught me that the most, we would write back and forth and it never really mattered what we wrote, just that we wrote it down. I've learned as long as I write things down, i'm okay - its by far my biggest security blanket in life.

I do miss him, although I miss that whole time of my life. When things were simple, when we could spend weeks doing nothing, just sitting around laughing and talking all day and all night. Even though at the time I did not think things were simple, everything seemed so complicated, and we tried to act older then we were and forced ourselves to be grown-ups when we should have just been teenagers.
I miss the week long visits at the trailer that drove my grandparents and then my grandpa and aunts nuts. I miss campfires and the fresh cut grass smell, staying up way late and laughing way too loud. Those were good summers.

Although today is a flood of sad emotions still filled with questions of why and how come, that usually turn to frustration and anger - I still go back to the happy memories, some of the greatest times of my tween/teen years.

We all miss you Jimmy - I hope you are in a happy place.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Forty-Two

Holiday Mondays are great.

I do feel like I should have done more with an "extra day" however I did my normal - sleep in (way late), make breakfast for pauly and myself, take an afternoon nap (that lasted almost all afternoon) did some surfing the web, knitting, reading, watched some TV, had dinner (which cooked in the crockpot all day) did some laundry, and now some blogging.

Although when I started typing, I felt like I did nothing, I did do some stuff. And I really don't care if I "wasted" another day doing nothing. I kinda enjoyed it. Now i'm looking at bag patterns again, i'm hoping work isn't as insane this week (although I don't know how well that will work out) and maybe i'll have some motivation to sew something. I think we are going to thornbury next weekend for a benefit dance, so maybe a new bag for that will be motivation enough. We'll see.

Anyways, thats about enough excitment for one long weekend. I'm off to finish laundry, do some reading and go to bed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day Forty & Forty-One

Okay so yesterday (saturday) was really day Forty, and today (sunday) is really day Forty-One. I missed yesterday cause we got home late, so i'm updating our busy weekend now. And what a busy weekend it has been.

Dinner and Bowling on Friday night. Dinner, Ice Cream Cake and Movies in Ajax on Saturday, and Pampered Chef, Snacks and Hockey tonight. And since tomorrow is a holiday i'm hoping to do some sewing and cleaning, although i'll probably spending most of the day just sleeping.

Anyways, i'm off to watch brothers and sisters. I'm hoping i'll pick up and write better entries next week. This week has just been too busy and too tiring. Off to watch tv in bed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day Thirty-Nine

oh so tired. yes its past midnight- but i just got home.

crazy day, worked till 7ish, came home, paul picked me up at the subway station, headed to dinner with Dave & Erin, then bowling. Good fun night with friends.

however very tired,and must sleep now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Thirty-Eight

Another long day. Tonight we went up to Summerhill station to the LCBO there - Vincor (Paul's company) was launching their new Ice Wine to support the 2010 Olympics. It looked like a good turn out. After we sampled the wine and cheese, we went down the street for drinks and app's with his work peoples. It was a nice evening.

But another night getting in later then we expected. Again tired, and sore. And not really time for much. I think i'm going to make a hot chocolate and go to bed, my legs are killing me, and tomorrow is going to be another long day.

And even though I kept thinking - its okay we'll have a relaxing long weekend, we now have plans for tomorrow night (Movie), Saturday Night (Sam & Michelles), Sunday (Mel & Jesses), hopefully we'll still be able to relax at all those events - i just would like to stay in bed for most of it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day Thirty-Seven

Decent day. still really busy, and feel like things will only get worse next week when aaron is on holidays. Its going to be a "hold your breath and sink or swim" time for sure.

Returned one of the pairs of shoes I bought a few wks ago - if i haven't worn them yet, im probably not going to. That and they were 40 bucks, which is money I could really use right now, since I bought a new sweater

worked late again, so just finished dinner and watching iron chef with pauly. i think i might head to the bedroom for some sleep. Trying to wake up on time tomorrow (i doubt it)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day Thirty-Six

Spoke too soon. today was crappy. just got home from work. and can't stop coughing.

man. i have emails to send, and clothes to put away, none of which i feel like doing. I think i'm going to head to the bedroom, through on disk 3 (season 2) of desperate housewives and go to bed.

be back tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day Thirty-Five

Another quick update, i'm very tired.

Today was an alright day, work is becoming somewhat managable again, however i'm feeling a bit useless somedays. I've been really tired all day, hardly able to keep my eyes open. I fell asleep after dinner around 8:30 on the couch, and i'm about to fall asleep again I think. Which means time to head to bed. Hopefully a good full nights sleep and i'll wake up feeling better.

thats it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day Thirty-Three & Thirty-Four

What a great weekend. Not nearly long enough, but great.

Went up to blue mountain on Friday afternoon, hung out rested up. Got up early, breakfast, rentals and hit the hills - not the bunny hills, as Tanya wanted Sarah and I to start the day running. After falling a half a million times, I got the hang of it again. And after lunch, fell much less (minus the falling off the chair lift)

Anyways great day, passed out early, and woke up sore. Real sore. But still had a great time, and it was good to just chill out. We left the chatlet around 2ish, home by 5 (stopped to pick up some groceries) and have just been hanging around.

Not looking forward to back to work, but hopefully its a quick week before another long weekend. Okay thats it, watching brothers and sisters, and doing laundry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day Thirty-Two

super super fast.

made cookies, granola, had shower, did hair, packed, paul gone to pick up nigel, running to finish getting stuff ready.

heading to blue mountain. be home sunday!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day Thirty-One

Go figure. I dont have to work tomorrow, and tonight i'm actually tired, and have too much to do that I just can't go to bed yet.
  • finish weekender bag (almost there)
  • finish laundry
  • fold and put all laundry away
  • pack (while folding and putting laundry away) stuff for ski trip
Work today was decent. Actually getting the hang for the new client and working with "new" team. Although still would rather be home sleeping.

Okay no more procrastinating, must finish weekender bag - determined to finish and make everything fit in it for the weekend. Even if it ends up just being my knitting/others bag.

I'll post again before we leave today, so I can at least get in a real Day thirty-two, but day thirty-three will be a bust, since there is no internet up there. Oh well.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day Thirty

Wow, thirty days - i'm getting good. I really need to keep this up once I get past 101 days - maybe not every day, but at least 3 times a week. Keeps the brain active. Although maybe i'll come up with more interesting things to write about by then.

Random thoughts that I realized/learned from facebook today:
There are some people from high school that I wish to never see/ chat with again, 5 years was enough time with them. However there are other classmates from my high school years that I wish I would have either stayed better friends with while we were there, or would have kept better contact with over the years after school. I'm glad that I've stayed in touch with Amanda and Steph - clearly the most important over all these years. But every once in a while, when I see the people who have stayed closer to home or family that still lives in Listowel and the bond they share and see each other all the time, and go to each others weddings and all have kids the same age and so on and so forth. It just makes me want to go back and live the same life.

I think I always just assumed that we would all live there or close to there (Listowel) and all get married around the same time, and all have kids around the same time, and have play dates, and afternoon tea, and watch movies together on Friday nights. I don't know, lately I just miss that simple life more and more.

And its not that my life is very complicated here. Get up, go to work, come home. Knit, sew, sleep. Repeat. But its just lacking things that will never be able to be fulfilled living in the city.

Anyways my point is that I think I could have had a slightly bigger circle of friends from high school had I tried a bit harder. Some of you I stalk on facebook and peek into your lives, and very much envy the little things. Oh and I wish we could go for sunday tea and catch up.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine

So much for getting things done today. I went from bed to the couch and spent most of the day sleeping. Woke up with a headache around 3. And spent the rest of the day just hanging around.

I've been sewing on and off throughout the day, but just overall feeling crappy again.

Oh i hope this passes soon, I hate feeling like this.

Day Twenty-Eight

Well somedays I just drop the ball. Its not even that I didn't remember - I even had the page open, then I went in the living room, sat down and fell alseep. Which was actually a good thing, since I haven't been sleeping, bad thing cause I got nothing done.

Anyways, i'm at home today. Part not feeling good, part not wanting to work and would rather be sewing. So far, i've been checking emails from the comfort of my bed. But soon I'll get up, have breakfast and do some fox billing from the living room.

At least thats my plan. I'll post more for day twenty-nine later.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day Twenty-Seven

Today has been a good day.

Slept in (till 9), got up and did 25 minutes of wii fit yoga, cut out all the fabric and pieces for the Amy Butler Weekender bag (lots of cutting!) Made lunch (tuna sandwiches - very yummy) more cutting, watched some pre-superbowl, more cutting, finally started sewing around 5:30-6ish. put together pipping, cheered for the "yellow" team (steelers) during an "amazing interception" as paul called it, made the front pockets, handles, and front panels, while watching the "red" team score a touchdown to take the lead, and then watching the "yellow" team take it back with less then a minute left in the game. Yah Yellow team wins!

Now breaking to blog it all for day twenty-seven. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, or go to a client meeting forcing me to dress up tomorrow. :(

However, attempting to add picture of today's progress. Hoping to complete the whole bag for Friday morning, so it can be used for the ski trip this weekend!