Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Eighty-Five

Only 6 More working days till my 10 days of nothing vacation! Although I do have lots of plans in the back my my head:

- Spring Cleaning the apartment and closets
- Knitting
- LOTS of sewing
- potentially looking for a new job (I say potentially, because with the way things are going I wonder if looking for anything right now is really worth it)
- Sleeping!
- Watching Daytime TV
- Cooking good dinners
- switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring one (I say this like I have a ton of clothes and space and room to have two wardrobes - I don't)
- Reading

That's my plan, 90% of it won't get done. And I'm fine with that. Its called a holiday for a reason. If all i do is sleep and hang out with myself, catch up on blogs and stalk people on facebook all day - I'll be fine.

I might even see if i can go and spend a day or two with Manda and the kiddies. Although a good week alone with no travelling might just do me some good. We'll see.

PS: Paul let me play video games for almost a full 2 hours tonight- this is what I'm trying to conquer - I suck at it.


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