Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day Sixty-Six & Day Sixty Seven

Well I didn't post yesterday and its because I wasn't home all day. I didn't get home until after midnight. No I was not at work that whole time - thankgod.

Worked till 6:30ish, went to the mall and the fabric store, then met paul at the subway station to go see a movie. He needed to see Watchmen since it had already been out for a whole week! So we went, please don't ask me what it was about, I didn't really follow it at all. The music in it was good though.

Today we slept in. I was planning on getting up and sewing until 11:30-noon-ish then leaving to go to KW, but it didn't happen, and now its quarter to 1 and I still haven't showered or got ready. Oh well no rush I suppose. I'll sew later - maybe tomorrow night. Maybe i'll force myself to leave on time all next week then force myself to sew when I get home. I need to get out of this "so lazy-doing nothing all the time-sleeping for hours" habit. It makes me feel like i've done nothing but work ever.

On that note I leave you a picture. I got a new computer at work yesterday with a new 19" monitor, it took me until lunch to really get used to it, and by that time it had given me a headache it was so bright/ big. But the computer is super fast and its way pretty.


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