Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day Forty-Nine

Grr. Thats it. I dont' really have much to blog about today. Got dressed up, then mtg was switched to conf. call, grrr. People were stupid and got in the way of things they shouldn't have, grrr. Was suppose to be home early (by 5pm) didn't actually leave work until 7:30pm, grrr.

I txt paul to start dinner, but he decided he wasn't going to eat before hockey, grr. Was going to sew a bag, but i'm confused by the instructions, and would rather be lazy like usual, grrr.

But I do have a photo, actually I made a mini collage of 4 photos - how lucky are you! From top left to bottom right.

1. Me and Bear enjoying cuddle time last night before bed
2. My desk at work. Half Clean/ Half a mess (ps thats a blanket on the boxes under my desk - for days were i'm freezing and need some comfort for my feet!)
3. My sewing table with bag I cut out to make tonight.
4. Me goofing around.


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