Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day Sixty-Three

Day Sixty-Three - Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Pretty un-eventful birthday as usual. Tried to not let anyone at work find out. They did. Mom and Dad sent flowers as usual, and my team signed a secret card, and let Kim give it to me, along with some chocolates.

Julie made me a great birthday gift. I think the best one I got this year. Besides the flowers and the recycled chocolates (they were from a work supplier I believe) it was the only thing I got - but by far worth it. A ball of yarn and knitting needles made from office supplies.

Worked until 6ish, then went to the Workroom with Terri for their monthly Stitch and bitch. She sadly ripped out her pretty sock :( while I made some buttons for our Spring Solstice Swap in a few weeks - plus a few for Chrissy's book club. Buttons always make a birthday better.


Anonymous said...

Love the buttons!

Delena said...

i'm so jealous that you have a button maker...
i love buttons!

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