Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Seventy-Six & Seven

Yup, call me the un-motivated, un-inspired, non-productive bad blogger.

I missed another day. (yesterday to be exact) I worked late, ran home from the subway station to catch the season finale of Jon and Kate, ate dinner at quarter after 10 (way to late) and instantly fell asleep on the couch while Paul turned on and played more of his video game. (which I actually have to admit, has a bit of a story to it, and is mildly interesting - even to a non-videogamer)

Yesterday there was several things at work that made me really mad. And they carried over into today. Which is frustrating, cause it totally makes me un-motivated to work and the more I look at the things to get done, the more frustrated I get. And the more it builds the less I get done. A never ending cycle of doom.

In one of these moments of doom, I wrote out my "coles notes" version of "my life plan". It includes 5 categories with at least one thing to strive for. My categories included: Job/ Career, Health, Future/House, Money/Budgets, Overall Life. And here is what i'd like to do:

Job/Career - need a new one, one that I can be passionate about and enjoy getting up to go to

Health - to get better for good! Will mean changing my diet/ eating habits. Get outside more and Exercise.

Future/House - Find and buy a house with pauly (preferrably outside of this yucky city), get married (again preferrably to pauly), get a dog, have kids, learn to love my life the way it is, and love myself the way I am.

Money/ Budgets - SAVE, SAVE, SAVE for house, vacation in July, a future wedding?, loan payoffs, and nice stuff for future house

Overall Life - need to get MOTIVATED. Get out more, start doing things outside of my normal "routine", read more, knit more, sew more, cook more and cook better, keep the house clean, clear out old stuff that is "cluttering" our life.

I've listed it here so that perhaps it will force me to commit since im decarling it in front of others - how many who read it, who knows. But those are my basic "goals". I just need to get my act together, I can't blame anyone else (not that i've been trying too) but i'm the only one that can make these changes to my life and if I don't start now, its only going to get worse.


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