Monday, February 23, 2009

Day Forty-Eight

Mondays. Grrr. I think all the stupid people come out on Mondays. And I hate dealing with stupid people. Okay let me re-phrase that. Most people aren't stupid, they just do stupid things sometimes. Anyways, I dealt with a lot of those people today and that put me in an overall grumpy mood.

I rushed out of work at 6 so I could go get my eyebrows done and when I was done I walked by the shop next door to check these out:

Thats definitely a good way to brighten any mood - oh so yummy. But I was good and just looked, I left the mall without buying anything. Although I did schedule a facial appointment for Friday at 6.

I didn't do any sewing tonight, but i'm hoping to be home early tomorrow (Nestle mtg finishes at 4, and i'm not planning on going back to the office) and paul has hockey, and there is nothing on TV on tuesdays, so hoping I can get some motivation together and perhaps make something new. I'm leaning towards this bag.


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