Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Ninety Five, Six & Seven

I'm on holidays. Yippee.

I haven't updated in a few days. Saturday we were in Ripley for Easter at pauls mom's we had a good time and lots of good food.

Yesterday we stopped into Guelph to see the Amanda, Miguel and the kiddies, good visit. Came home made dinner, and noticed a "dripping" sound, to discover that our "roof" was leaking, except there is an apartment above us. They weren't home, and we called Richard aka our landlord, he zipped over right away. I ran upstairs, and you could hear water running, it was crazy. Turns out there garbage disposal jammed and plugged the sink, it had been overflowing all weekend! There whole kitchen was flooded, which then started coming through to our hallway.

Lucky we dont have much damage, and I think most of upstairs was repairable, but it kept us busy for a few hours yesterday.

Today i sat around and played this computer game mom gave me basically all, good waste of time. i think now i'm going to read for a bit and head to bed.


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