Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Twenty-Two

Well today was a slightly better day. I stayed on task and somewhat focused all day. Although still had to stay late to finish projects because lack of focus from those above me. All in all, I tried to stay calm and just get through the day one half hour at a time.

On another note, I've got comments! Two actually! I love getting comments, thank you girls! Gives me lots to think about, and lets me know, i'm not just writing this for me (although i'd be fine with that too) I also realized (after re-reading some entries) that I really should re-read before I post, lots of errors! Good thing this isn't for any marks or anything..lol

Wanted to do laundry tonight, but someone else hasn't taken their stuff out yet, grrr, i hate that, specially since i had to hound down people at the office before I was leaving at 7pm to find enought change, only to find there was a bunch still in the change purse from last time!

Watching the hockey game - and we are losing 4-1, lots of fighting going one, and not enough scoring in my opinion.

alright, off to check the laundry again, and I think i'll do my wii fit. I didn't really have dinner tonight, so I should try and eat something too. (back to those bad eating habits...oh man, one day i'll get better!)


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