Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Eighty-Seven/Eight/Nine

Woah. yup i haven't posted since thursday.

Its been a bummy kinda weekend. Bad moods mixed in with trying to cheer both pauly and I up. But not much success.

We went out all day yesterday in search of new shoes for me - and more just to get out of the house, paul found shoes and a movie, and a video game. I bought nothing but groceries.

We went over to Terri & Shanye's last night though and took the wii - mostly so they could try out this adaptor thing they bought to turn their computer into a TV (it worked, but too small to actually play off of) but we had a good night of wii playing and stayed up way past our bedtime.

Today we did nothing but mope around the house, I attempted to start a shrug pattern for the wedding since my thursday plan was foiled. I got no where, which has just bummed me out more. And I remembered about an hour ago that I brought home some work to do - which I never did. Oh well, i'm not about to start now.

Good thing - 4 day week, followed by 10 days of no work. How much will I get accomplished in my time off - my guess is very little. But who knows. I have a whole book to read, a bag to sew, some stuff to knit, a house to clean.


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