Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day Forty-Six

Okay so taking a look back at this blog - I'm a bit impressed with myself that I've been able to keep it up, and although I'm mostly doing it for myself I noticed the other day that its probably boring for others.

So with some inspiration from some other blogs I've been reading lately (see list on the right) I've decided that for the next week I'm going to post a picture every day. It may be a picture I've taken that day, it maybe something old, it maybe something I've found on the net during my travels. I might talk about it, I might not - maybe it will just be something to bring a bit of joy to your day.

Today's picture is from my travels today. I was suppose to go to Thornbury with Pauly, but I really just needed a weekend to myself, we've been annoying each other a lot lately. And i just needed to veg out after what seemed like a long week. Good news is Paul wasn't upset and perfectly fine with it, I think he needed some space too - and it will allow him to chat up with old friends and get drunk at the dance tonight, without me hanging on to him and nagging him.

Other good news is he dropped me off at Walmart on his way out of town. I love a great Saturday afternoon at Walmart, when I have no time limit, money in my bank account, and a ton of crafty ideas. Its great.

My purchases included these way cute rubber rain boots. I have been looking for a pair like this for a while now. Not only did they come in my small size 5 shoe size, but they were also only $20 bucks!
And the main reason I headed out there was to pick up some mason jars. I had this dream last night that I had a bunch and re-arranged my sewing stuff to display all my buttons and notions in the jars along the window ledge. And so thats just what I wanted to do.

I got 12 for 7 dollars - i'm not sure if that was the right price or if they just screwed up, but either way I'm super happy about them. And i'm hoping that tomorrow I can start the organization - along with the million other projects i'm planning on.


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