Sunday, October 25, 2009

In a new place ... again...

Okay, going to give it another go, but over here in a place more about crafting, and less about complaining...

Untill I can figure out how to automatically get things transfered over to the new place, or automatically re-direct, this post is the best I can do.

See you there!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 112 (yup, i'm getting lazy)

Okay, So Since day 101 I haven't exactly been keeping up, but then again the blog was titled 101 days - so I don't feel so guilty!

That being said, I think I'll change the name to 101+some days of nothing. Either that, or I've been contemplating changing my blog to a "mostly" craft blog and changing its name to "The Curious Crafter" this is the name i go by on twitter and Etsy and think if I was to start selling any of my creations I'd go by this name. Although I need to put some more thoughts against that before I make the actual change.

So what's happened since the 19th. Not much, back to work. Ho hum. Last week was not a great week, Aaron didn't leave any lists/ notes/ updates from when I was off, and he was gone all week on Jury Duty. Several big things came up and Kim and I struggled to deal with them and get things done. It was frustrating. I had my second appointment with Shirin and i'm very happy with the way things are going, Wednesday was a frustrating day and I walked out of her office a few hours later, feeling like things were going to be better in the future.

Knit group on Thursday - they changed the seating areas in the Timothys it was weird, but they have these benches now and I think as long as someone is there early we might be in a better spot to get more people sitting together. Friday I veg'd out alone since Paul went for dinner in KW with the crew. I was going to do some sewing, but I just watched TV and chatted with Chrissy instead.

Saturday was Stacey & Nick's wedding and what a beautiful day it was. Great weather, great ceremony, good food - and they looked so happy.

Sunday we did nothing - cleaned up and did some grocery shopping. Nice weekend. And very much looking forward to this weekend, so we can do a bit of nothing again. I totally am living for the weekends. That and another week off. Only 62 days till Vegas!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day One Hundred & two & three

Clearly, this blogging thing does not get better with

And clearly day 101 wasn't good enough for 2 posts.

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow I go back to work after my week away, i'm not looking forward to it at all.

I did have a decent vacation though.
- first driving lesson
- sleeping
- sewing
- reading
- shopping
- more sleeping
- taxes done
- more shopping
- first career session
- finished book club book, and had our first mtg.

although still not looking forward to work tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Okay, several failed attempts at actually blogging everyday, but I'm still pretty proud. Through this whole thing, i've started reading a ton of blogs, my favourties are at the side, and its made me think - what makes a good blog?

I know i'm not there yet - but one day I hope to be.

If you've been following me over the last 101 days, THANK YOU, for sticking around and listening to me vent, thats really what this blog has been for. But you might start to see some things change around here. First of all - I might not post every day. But i'm going to at least post once a week - and hopefully more uplifting. It will probably be craft focused, but there will still be a bit of my everyday life in there - cause to me its still interesting.

Today i'm on a schedule, I have a lot to do, a house to clean from top to bottom. So i'm going to go and get on with things, but i'll be back later today. Day 101 deseres at least 2 posts I think!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Ninety Nine & One Hundred!

Wholy Crap.

I know I have been a bad blogger this week. I'm on holidays have all this time on my hand, and I can't even bother to right a decent post! I've even had some decently excting things to chat about and I haven't.

And now tomorrow is day 101!!! oh wow.

Okay, well i need to do some reading and get to bed, cause even though tomorrow is my last day off, i have a meeting - i'll explain later (no its not a job interview). But i will do a big(ish) post tomorrow, and update some pics from my visit with manda and the kiddies, and my sewing project this week.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Ninety Eight

On Vacation.

monday - stayed in pj's all day, did nothing
tuesday (today) - stayed in pj's till noon, got ready, went to mall, shopped all afternoon, dinner at papa's/ aunt wendy's did taxes (getting enough for half of trip back) watching project runway and going to bed.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day Ninety Five, Six & Seven

I'm on holidays. Yippee.

I haven't updated in a few days. Saturday we were in Ripley for Easter at pauls mom's we had a good time and lots of good food.

Yesterday we stopped into Guelph to see the Amanda, Miguel and the kiddies, good visit. Came home made dinner, and noticed a "dripping" sound, to discover that our "roof" was leaking, except there is an apartment above us. They weren't home, and we called Richard aka our landlord, he zipped over right away. I ran upstairs, and you could hear water running, it was crazy. Turns out there garbage disposal jammed and plugged the sink, it had been overflowing all weekend! There whole kitchen was flooded, which then started coming through to our hallway.

Lucky we dont have much damage, and I think most of upstairs was repairable, but it kept us busy for a few hours yesterday.

Today i sat around and played this computer game mom gave me basically all, good waste of time. i think now i'm going to read for a bit and head to bed.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day Ninety Three & Four

Okay, again another missed day. But guess what i'm on holidays WOO HOO!

A whole 10 days away from work! Yesterday, I worked till 6:30ish, went to the mall (bought nothing, just wandered) went home, surfed the web, tried to think of something quick to sew, started sewing and stopped when I realized it was 9. Started/finished making a ton of mini cupcakes with homemade icing, cleaned the kitchen and it was time for bed.

Today we got up by 8:30 and got ready, and drove here to London to mom and dad's had a good dinner with everyone and driving to ripley to do it all over again tomorrow with other family.

Home sunday, and sleeping for the week. Ya right, i'd like to but i have a lot on my "want-to-acomplish list" we'll see how far i get.

For now i'm going - probably wont be here again tomorrow - but i'll be back sunday.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Ninety One & Two

No big blog news, i'm sick again. Go figure. I came home from work early yesterday and was sick on the cab ride home - very gross. I was feeling much better today and worked till 7:30ish, paul had dinner ready when I got home - what a nice guy. But i've now been coughing up flem for about an hour - and its really starting to hurt. I had a very hot shower to try and loosen up stuff, but it didn't do much. I think its time for bed.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day Ninety

Wow. Day Ninety. 11 Days till i've reached my "goal" i say that lightly, since i've clearly missed a few days here and there - however overall i've done good. (wow, who's from the country now?)

Today was decently productive. Work went fast, got several things crossed off my list. Stopped at the mall, and got a sweater to match my dress for the wedding - I gave up on the chance of knitting one in time - besides i think this one will work much better and it was only 20 bucks - can't beat a deal!

Came home, started dinner, cleaned the kitchen, did two loads of laundry, cleaned up from dinner, had a shower, put the clothes away. I'm going to blow dry my hair, and go to bed and read before calling it a night. Overall decent day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day Eighty-Seven/Eight/Nine

Woah. yup i haven't posted since thursday.

Its been a bummy kinda weekend. Bad moods mixed in with trying to cheer both pauly and I up. But not much success.

We went out all day yesterday in search of new shoes for me - and more just to get out of the house, paul found shoes and a movie, and a video game. I bought nothing but groceries.

We went over to Terri & Shanye's last night though and took the wii - mostly so they could try out this adaptor thing they bought to turn their computer into a TV (it worked, but too small to actually play off of) but we had a good night of wii playing and stayed up way past our bedtime.

Today we did nothing but mope around the house, I attempted to start a shrug pattern for the wedding since my thursday plan was foiled. I got no where, which has just bummed me out more. And I remembered about an hour ago that I brought home some work to do - which I never did. Oh well, i'm not about to start now.

Good thing - 4 day week, followed by 10 days of no work. How much will I get accomplished in my time off - my guess is very little. But who knows. I have a whole book to read, a bag to sew, some stuff to knit, a house to clean.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Eighty-Six

Oh poop.

Had big plans this afternoon to knit myself a sweater for stacey & nicks wedding, had everything planned out. Then found out the yarn i have at home, isnt the right weight, and isn't even close to the right colour. poop. oh well i'm pretty sure i can't knit a sweater in less then 25 days anyways.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day Eighty-Five

Only 6 More working days till my 10 days of nothing vacation! Although I do have lots of plans in the back my my head:

- Spring Cleaning the apartment and closets
- Knitting
- LOTS of sewing
- potentially looking for a new job (I say potentially, because with the way things are going I wonder if looking for anything right now is really worth it)
- Sleeping!
- Watching Daytime TV
- Cooking good dinners
- switching out my winter wardrobe with my spring one (I say this like I have a ton of clothes and space and room to have two wardrobes - I don't)
- Reading

That's my plan, 90% of it won't get done. And I'm fine with that. Its called a holiday for a reason. If all i do is sleep and hang out with myself, catch up on blogs and stalk people on facebook all day - I'll be fine.

I might even see if i can go and spend a day or two with Manda and the kiddies. Although a good week alone with no travelling might just do me some good. We'll see.

PS: Paul let me play video games for almost a full 2 hours tonight- this is what I'm trying to conquer - I suck at it.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Eighty-Four

I got my hair cut today, it was time for an update - no more ponytail. Time for a spring look.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Day Eighty-Two & Three

Okay, yesterday was a right-off. I did nothing but sleep and blow my nose, today has been slightly more productive.

Left work at 5:15 today cause I couldn't stand to blow my nose with yucky Kleenex any longer, and needed to come home to the better stuff! Made dinner, cleaned the kitchen, put in two loads of laundry, watched 1 episode of Little People big world, searched some knitting stuff, and now off to read in bed.

But needed to post first. Oh and also a picture of all my lovely swap goodies from Saturday:

Last minute knitted gifts - love this book, a ball of berroco sox metallic yarn in pink's and purples - i think these might become a pair of monkey socks. A ball of silky wool - that might just be paired with my other darker shade for some purple scarf. Popping Mini Eggs, some awesome fat quarters in Easter shades. Popsicle makers perfect for summer. And some amazing home made kettle corn which is almost gone now. Yep I was spoiled, and it was fun!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day Eighty-One

Busy Day, Great night with the knit girls - i was totally spoiled by Terri - and love everything.

But i'm seriously stuffed up (again!) and need kleenex and sleep. Will post more with pictures tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Day Eighty

Quick post - only 20 minutes till mid-night. Very long (but very good day)

Dinner in Ancaster, and dessert at Jesse & Mel's - a very nice visit with good friends, and good food.

note to self - must have more nights like those more often.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Seventy-Nine

Today was a decent day, busy at work, got free shampoo.

Stopped at Chapters and picked up book for the book club (michelle is starting a book club - so exciting). It was a good night at knit night - we are getting to be a pretty big group - soon we might need to find a bigger space to meet at.

Then pauly picked me up (and andrea) and we went grocery shopping. Home now, going to finish the last few pages of my other book, and head to bed.

Tomorrow we are going out for dinner with Mel & Jesse & Friends, then back to their place for cake.

Should be good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Seventy-Eight

tired. my legs are hurting, and i'm just barely keeping my eyes open. i'm heading into bed (where i'm sure i'll find myself wide awake) but i need to at least try and sleep away the stress.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Seventy-Six & Seven

Yup, call me the un-motivated, un-inspired, non-productive bad blogger.

I missed another day. (yesterday to be exact) I worked late, ran home from the subway station to catch the season finale of Jon and Kate, ate dinner at quarter after 10 (way to late) and instantly fell asleep on the couch while Paul turned on and played more of his video game. (which I actually have to admit, has a bit of a story to it, and is mildly interesting - even to a non-videogamer)

Yesterday there was several things at work that made me really mad. And they carried over into today. Which is frustrating, cause it totally makes me un-motivated to work and the more I look at the things to get done, the more frustrated I get. And the more it builds the less I get done. A never ending cycle of doom.

In one of these moments of doom, I wrote out my "coles notes" version of "my life plan". It includes 5 categories with at least one thing to strive for. My categories included: Job/ Career, Health, Future/House, Money/Budgets, Overall Life. And here is what i'd like to do:

Job/Career - need a new one, one that I can be passionate about and enjoy getting up to go to

Health - to get better for good! Will mean changing my diet/ eating habits. Get outside more and Exercise.

Future/House - Find and buy a house with pauly (preferrably outside of this yucky city), get married (again preferrably to pauly), get a dog, have kids, learn to love my life the way it is, and love myself the way I am.

Money/ Budgets - SAVE, SAVE, SAVE for house, vacation in July, a future wedding?, loan payoffs, and nice stuff for future house

Overall Life - need to get MOTIVATED. Get out more, start doing things outside of my normal "routine", read more, knit more, sew more, cook more and cook better, keep the house clean, clear out old stuff that is "cluttering" our life.

I've listed it here so that perhaps it will force me to commit since im decarling it in front of others - how many who read it, who knows. But those are my basic "goals". I just need to get my act together, I can't blame anyone else (not that i've been trying too) but i'm the only one that can make these changes to my life and if I don't start now, its only going to get worse.