Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Forty-Four

ho hum.

so i'm definitely the work fixer-uper. i'm sent in when things are a "mess" to clean things up make them pretty, and make them make sense. Oh and the nearly impossible task of making the dollars match.

I realize that we aren't all taught the same way, but isn't it kinda common sense that your dollars should match the dollars you were given to spend! Why is everything all over the place, if you tell the client something is going to cost 50,000 you probably shouldn't send them a bill for 80,000! I just hate dealing with other peoples (preventable) mess! Seriously people, put a little effort into it!

I bought new pants today. partly because i have 2 mtgs tomorrow and felt the need to get new pants. and two cause i was sick of dealing with stupid people i needed a treat. of course in order to wear them tomorrow i had to hem them tonight, but it wasn't a big deal.

hopefully i can get up on time and do my hair, then i'll look all nice for a mtg that i will do nothing but sit at.

ho hum.


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