Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day Thirty-Eight

Another long day. Tonight we went up to Summerhill station to the LCBO there - Vincor (Paul's company) was launching their new Ice Wine to support the 2010 Olympics. It looked like a good turn out. After we sampled the wine and cheese, we went down the street for drinks and app's with his work peoples. It was a nice evening.

But another night getting in later then we expected. Again tired, and sore. And not really time for much. I think i'm going to make a hot chocolate and go to bed, my legs are killing me, and tomorrow is going to be another long day.

And even though I kept thinking - its okay we'll have a relaxing long weekend, we now have plans for tomorrow night (Movie), Saturday Night (Sam & Michelles), Sunday (Mel & Jesses), hopefully we'll still be able to relax at all those events - i just would like to stay in bed for most of it.


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