Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Fifty & Fifty-One

Oh Crap. As if i missed day Fifty!

Yesterday was crap. Today was crap. Yesterday I worked late, and feel asleep on the couch after an argument with paul. Today I worked late, went to the mall to try and find a new pair of comfy casual work pants (no luck) then got stuck on the subway. It took half an hour to get from Dundas to st. george (normally a 5 min commute) then the subway stopped running at Ossington, I had to call paul to come and get me. And since we haven't exactly being communicating well the last two days, that didnt go overwell. Home now, hungry and ready for bed.

Yesterday's Picture was going to be this:

This was taking at our first leaf's game - in which they won. And since they won yesterday I thought it was fitting.

And these would be today's pictures. I miss my friends, these are sadly the most recent pictures I have of them - the last one was taken in Jan, just before Keon was born. Its hard to believe that we don't have a recent pic of the three of us, I guess our focus lately has been the kids not ourselves. Maybe I can get them together for a dinner or something, just the three of us.


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