Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day Fifty-Seven through to Sixty (Green Week days 2-5)

Okay sorry for the mass post and long delay (longest yet for my 101 days) but i've been stuck in bed since wednesday night.

I came home from work late and I wasn't feeling great, just off somehow, and I thought I felt like I was going to be sick. And I was - all night actually - and all the next morning. So no work on Thursday - no anything on Thursday to be exact, I didn't really move from bed all day/ night.

And I didn't go in on Friday - since I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours I was pretty weak, and no match for the rain and subway. So I stayed in bed again. In fact I stayed in bed until about 1pm today. Then I got up and showered and felt much better. Did a load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen up a bit, watched a movie with pauly.

Then we went out to Stacey & Nick's Buck and Doe, we only went for an hour or so, but wanted to show our support. But time for bed now, just that little (although it was 3 hours) trip wore me out.

But I do have Green week pictures to post, even though they are late :( Boo - Here i go participating in my first blog event, and I get sick and fail. boo me. oh well better late then never.
Green Highlighting for Wednesday in my day timer reminding me of timesheet training - in which i didn't go to cause I had to do something for some stupid person at work. (which I had moved to Friday and then missed cause I was sick - crap.)
My pretty little green IPOD for Thursday (although this pic was taken on Monday) she's so pretty.
And the green cover we got for our wii fit board so we don't slip and fall all over the place while doing the Tree Pose.


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