Friday, February 27, 2009

Day Fifty-Two

Another long day. Although I did leave work at 5:30 today - I made a facial appointment earlier this week, and couldn't cancel. But it was worth it. Those thing always hurt, they scrub so hard, and steam your face off, pick out all the pimples and dead cells and black heads (so gross) and you walk out feeling better then ever.

I also got two chocolate covered strawberries since the chocolate factory is right next door.

I bought a new sweater and came home. Pauly and I made taco's for dinner. And now bed. I brought up a bunch of work, all these blocking charts need to be finished EOD Monday and there is no way its going to happen unless i spend at least 5 or 6 hours doing it this weekend. I"m hoping I can do most of it from here, cause i really don't want to truck in there this weekend with the cold cold weather they are predicting.

And hopefully I'll also be able to have the energy and motivation to clean the bedroom closet, kitchen and do some sewing. I'd make a bet, but I'm not willing to lose this weekend, so we just won't.

Today's picture is from exactly one year ago today. On Time Canada's curling clinic day. I had a lot of fun (even though I wasn't great) so much fun I wanted to join a team this year, but I never did. Maybe next year.


starlite75 said...

I've been curling for a few years now! You should totally join.. It's a great sport :) and it helps to make the winter go by a lot faster!!

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