Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day Sixty-One

Wow - only 40 days left of 101.

This was a decent weekend. Rested until 1 yesterday which was much needed. Clearly i've just worked myself too hard the last few weeks. I feel like all I do anymore is work and sleep, its about time that I get up and start doing things. (don't hold me to that) Anyways, rested and laid around yesterday, went to the buck and doe, played a game and had popcorn with pauly last night.

Up this morning thinking it was 9:30 and sadly it was already 10:30 with the time change. Cleaned up the sewing room and sorted through my fabrics, put together some stuff to take over to Terri's and spent the afternoon over there chatting, cutting fabric and just hanging out.

Home and watching TV (Brothers and Sisters - LOVE and can't get enough of this show) and just hanging out till Pauly gets home. I think i'll do a bit of reading when its done in bed, and hopefully up early for work. (no holding me to that either)


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