Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Seventy

So much for making a life plan this week all I've done is work. Humpf. I know its only Tuesday, but I'm already exhausted from the week and its stupidity.

Although I did pay off a good portion of my credit card today, and put aside my "required" amount to my savings for my potential "house" fund. I'm pretty sure paul isn't ready for it and he isn't in the saving mode as I am, but at least i'll get a head start I suppose. I really should take a few months stop putting money aside and pay off some of my loan accounts. However right now I can really afford to put a little money everywhere, at I feel like i'm getting somewhere. Apposed to just paying one thing off, and not really feeling that accomplished. Today I at least feel like i've paid off a bit of everything and i'm really making progress.

I've got less then 10,000 in debt, between everything - OSAP, Loan, Credit Card. Thats good! At least I think thats pretty darn good. And i've got 2,000 in savings. And I still have money to get my knit swap gift and groceries this week.

So i've looked at that part of my life today, everything else has not been touched. Including our kitchen which is a mess and it bugs me, but i couldnt be bothered tonight. Not only did I work tilll 830, but i had to bring some work home.

Soon as I got in I took a bubble bath, put my jammies on, had a cup of tea, and watched the end of a very intese hockey game. Now blog, work, bed. I NEED to be at work by (but hopefully before) 9am tomorrow. This stuff needs to get to the client by 10. Then hopefully my day will slow down. I want to leave at 5 tomorrow. Maybe stop in for a 10 min. massage before coming home, to clean, do laundry, and sew a bit. At least thats the plan for now.

ps: only 31 days to go.


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