Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day Two

Remember yesterday when I said mentioned I was feeling better in the evening then I was in the afternoon, but still crappy? I think i jinxed myself. I woke up feeling the worst.

Now I did tell people yesterday I was going to stay home today, so it might have started off as, "I'm sick because I don't want to go to work" but it progressively has gotten worse over the day. My sinus's are aching, my head is throbbing, and I went from boiling hot to freezing cold at least 6 times.

New Years resolution #2: to get better. I mean really better. I think I spent at least 55% of 2008 sick. I have a doctors appointment on Friday and I'm going to talk to him about long term solutions, its getting a little ridiculous. Part of getting better is going to need to include: more exercise and better eating habits. I already told paul, i'd like to spend more time in the kitchen, we really need to eat better - we just don't pay enough attention to what we are making/ eating on a daily basis. Again we'll see how long this lasts - or when it even starts. Since i've been sick since Christmas, our new year hasn't exactly started the way I had hoped. Dinners and lunches have taken a backseat in the last 2 weeks to sleeping and resting.

Alright, heading off, i'd say i'm going back to bed, but because I managed to sleep all afternoon, I really need to finish up the work I brought home - sad when even a "sick" day turns into a work day.


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