Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Four

Okay i'm posting earlier today, so I don't run into yesterday's situation, even though i'm sure i'd have more to update later. Although today has already been pretty eventful.

Doctors appointment was this morning. Basically i'm a sicky. I have a bad immune system and there is no really way to make it better. I have to "try" and not get sick. My body just doesn't fight things off like everyone elses. He gave me some antibiotics to clear up the sinus/cold/flu issues i'm having now and then from there who knows.

When i got my prescription filled today I picked up new multi vitamins and vitamin C pills. 2009 is the year to get better right. I'm going to start there, mainly cause the good eating thing hasn't really been working well this week. One thing at a time right?

We had a group status meeting at work today. Basically things haven't been good the past year (no big surprise) and but the lack of staff, it doesn't sound like its going to get much better. However the hope and thought is that it will. Like this blog thing, i'm not thinking too much into it. Who knows. I hope for the best, but i've been there 5 years in February (can you believe that - 5 freakin' years!!) and things never really change.

Okay time to go. Its cold in here, and i have some sewing to do before heading out to KW tomorrow to visit with Stephie. We are hoping that baby DeOlivieria makes his grand entrance right on cue tomorrow so we'll be able to visit on the first day just like when Maya was born. I think we might be asking a bit much, but who knows. It will be nice to visit with Stephie though for sure, I haven't seen her in a while, and it sucks, cause we don't really live that far away. I hate that...grrr ... but that issue is a whole other story, and I really do need to go now.


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