Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Twelve

Today was a good day.

It didn't really start off that way, but we ended up going to see Manda, Miguel, Maya and Keon after all! And other then getting a bit lost on the way (i was too excited to remember how to get there) it was a great day. We got there around 2:30 and had a good long visit staying for dinner and helping manda do grocery shopping while the boys and kids watched a movie.

Keon is soo cute, and man what a sleeper - i mean he is only 3 days old and we are in the middle of the coldest weather we've had all year so i don't blame him for wanting to stay all bundled up and sleep all day - thats how we all feel.

And maya is getting so big, and i think is just a few months away from putting words together to make real sentences. I can't wait to have a real conversation with her. She is going to be a big helper to mom.

It *almost* makes me want one. Although i'd like to do things in the right order. As part of my to-do list for tomorrow i'm going to start a realistic saving budget. For the future. House, weddings, new house stuff, etc. I think its time to start being a grown up.


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