Friday, January 9, 2009

Day Three

I know, techically its day four... but i haven't gone to bed yet so its still day three to me.

I almost forgot tonight, i was just getting into bed, and though - crap. Got out of bed, ran to the living room for quick update. And what news I have!!

Amanda is in labour!!! Yippee for a new "substitute" nephew! I can't wait to meet the little guy. Just like last time things are falling in to place for "perfect" timing. Steph happens to have the whole weekend off, and Paul is heading up north for the Tim Cronin memorial hockey tourny. So i'm going to jump on a bus saturday morning and go to Steph's we'll hang out there and wait for baby. Or maybe go and hang out in Guelph and wait for baby, depends on whats happening. Either way i'm excited.

Still feeling like crap, but the good news has made me feel better. I also went to knit group tonight for 2 and a half hours - it was good to get out, probably was out a bit too late, but Anastasia gave me a ride home so that was nice.

My doctors appointment is in the morning, i'm assuming as usual he'll take a bunch of blood work, make me pee in the cup and give me a perscription for some weird antibiotic - i just hope he can figure out what the heck this is and i can get better - I hate being sick.

okay, now back to bed.


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