Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Eight

crap. I almost forgot. close one.

I was feeling like crap all day - between coughint and weakness it wasn't good. I still forced myself to go out (I know bad idea). However I promised i'd take Sam with me to the Hockey Game - and it was too late to back out. I actually started to feel a bit better by the end of the day anyways. I'm much better now then I have been all day, although i have that aweful yucky feeling in my mouth even after brushing my teeth twice. gross.

Leaf's lost - big surprise. But the game was good regardless. I love going - we were in a box tonight, with free food and booze (no i wasn't drinking, not a good idea while on the medication). When didn't have to do a lot of chatting with my rep, but I think he was happy that I could come. And I was.

Okay thats it, i'm going to bed in hopes to "sleep well" - wish me luck.


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