Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Six

ho hum. another sunday night.

Still no baby yet. I know think it will be later in the week/ weekend, before anything happens. Although Amanda is feeling contractions they are still hours apart. So its going to be a while longer before this little guy gets a move on. (i'm sure she appreciates me chatting about it so openly online).

It was a good weekend visit thought. It was nice to see the girls and just hang out. Although every time we have a weekend like that it makes me a bit sad that we don't live closer and can't just do that on a regular basis. We never really do anything that eventful, a movie, some girl chat, watching the game show network, wii playing. But its those little things, and that time that I really miss.

Like I said in a previous post. I'm happy to have a good job that allows me to support myself (as well as my yarn and shopping habits), i'm also happy to have such a loving boyfriend (even we are mad at each other) but sometimes I just wish for a simpler life. In a smaller town, without the "city" people, where waiting in line for 20 minutes in a snow storm to watch a movie is perfectly acceptable.

One day we shall move and live a simpler life. (at least thats what I really really hope.)


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