Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Fourteen

Oh man. I love that boy I really do, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could throw him out on his butt to get my point across.

Today he was home sick. Last night he had a bit of a fever and had the hot/cold chills. So he said he was going to stay home and rest. Good idea. However I came home to a some what tidy house which was the first give-away. As i walked through the spare room to the kitchen i found the real reason. He suddenly got better at some point today. And decided since the guys were coming over to "jam" he should go and buy the new Rock Band 2.

so much for saving this year.

angry moment number 2 today (actually it was number 1, but the 2nd one made me slightly more angry) I hate the subway, the pushy, grouchy, mean people who think they need to get to work or home faster then the rest of us.

GRRRR. what a day. thank goodness for job and kate time.


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