Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Eleven

Grrr. what a day.

subway was down all morning because of the blackout. luckly we were not affected during the power outage, however i did have to reep the effects of it. And in the end it wasn't actually that bad. I walked from our place up two subway stops to Dundas West and got the King street car from there, then had to walk from King/Younge up to work. So it wasn't horrible, but it was -18 when i left this morning, so that was pretty uncomfortable.

Soon as I got to work i had to go into a training session that i was half an hour late for, because it took me so long to get there. And it was almost useless. I would have rather just taken the handout and taught myself. I really don't need to know that the "tab" key will help you move to different cells in excel - i think i'm past that now.

And work just sucked this week. I have had no ambition to be there, and have let several things just drop off my plate somewhat un-noticed. While until someone realizes they aren't there. Like billing or inputting or bookings.

I'm just getting fed up. I know I always say this, and i always think i'll do something about it. I know I won't this time either and that i'm pretty much "calling wolf" for the 100th or more time in my 5 here, but really thats just the way i feel sometimes. So fed up with people that actually think 1 ad is going to make a difference, or that the whole campaign will incourage millions to buy their product, i'm just not so sure that actually happens in the real world anymore. If your going to advertise you need to do it in a way that is compelling to the consumer - not a freakin' tv ad or billboard.

that is however just a dumb opinion.

okay, i've had enough. i'm going to change into my jammies and get into bed, its cold in here tonight, and i'm in no mood for doing anything but falling alseep.


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